Available for Lectures and Workshops in the areas of Holistic Health and/or Wellness.

Review the Sample Lecture and Workshop Schedules below;

(Usually 2 Days)

A. Conceptual Framework for Maintaining Healthy Holistic Aging.(Wellness)

B. Prerequisites for Success in Healthy Holistic Aging

C. Components of Healthy Holistic Aging (Assessments and Interventions)

1. Health
a. Stress and Stress Management
b. Affirmations
c. Visualization
d. Meditation
e. Relaxation
f. Optimism
g. Guided Practice of Selected Mental Components

a. Enhancing Your Ability to Hear When God Speaks
(Meditation, Strengthening Spiritual Attributes of Faith, Patience and others,
Service to Others, Prayer, and Ideals)
b. Ways in Which God Speaks to Us About Our Health
c. Guided Practice in Attuning to God

a. Proper Nutrition Adjusted to Age and Condition
b. Exercise (including Yoga and Anti-Aging Exercises)
c. Water
d. Smoking Cessation
e. Herbs and Vitamins
f. Holistic Approach to Preventing Wrinkles
g. Selected Exercises

2. Environment and Its Influence on Healthy Holistic Aging

a. Home Environment (Safety–electrical, chemical, asbestos, radon, carbon monoxide, molds, lead, sick building; Physical—noise, privacy; Biological—genetically engineered foods; Bioterriorism—general and specific preparation)
b. Environment around the Home (Safety from burglars, trash, gutters, air quality, standing water, sun safety, safety from pesticides, mosquitos and ticks)
c. Selected Exercises

3. Relationships and Their Influence on Healthy Holistic Aging
a. Building Relationships
b. Improving Existing Relationships
c. Ending Relationships
d. Mental and Spiritual Aspects of Relationships
e. Selected Exercises

4. Politics and Their Influence on Healthy Holistic Aging


A. After Diagnosing Lung Cancer My Doctor Gave me 6 Months to Live:
That Was 33 Years Ago Using a Holistic Alternative Approach for Recovery

1. Case Study

a. Introduction
b. Alerted by a Dream or God Spoke to Me
c. Medical Attention
d. Hospitalization and Diagnosis
e. Making A Decision
f. Holistic Alternative Treatment Plan
g. Rational for Using a Holistic Alternative Treatment

2. Others Who Have Used Holistic Alternative Approaches to Cancer Treatment

a Treatment Plans and Progress
b. Combining Traditional and Alternative

3. Current Holistic Alternative Therapies and Their Efficacy

a. Anti-Cancer Diet
b. Anti-Cancer Herbs
c Supplements and Chinese Medicine
d. Holistic Approach and Mind-Body Interventions

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Specialties include: 1) A Holistic Approach to Wellness; 2) A Holistic Approach to Sleep and Stress; 3) A Holistic Approach to Cancer Prevention and Treatment.

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