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You Can Beat Lung Cancer:Using Alternative/Integrative Interventions

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Helvie, C,. (2012) You Can Beat Lung Cancer: Using Alternative/Integrative Interventions. London: Ayni Books. With Additions by Dr Bernie Siegel, Dr Francisco Contreras, Cr James Forsythe, Dr Kim Dalzell and Tanya Harter Pierce. Endorsed by G. Edward Griffin, Author of World Without Cancer and Politics of Cancer; Julian Kenyon, M.D., Medical Director, Dove Clinic in London; Patrick Quillin. PhD, R.D., Author of Beating Cancer with Nutrition; Frank Shallenberger, M.D., H.M.D. Medical Director, Nevada Center of Alternative Medicine and author Princip0les and Application of Ozone Therapy, Richard Linchitz, M.D., Medical Director of the Linchitz Wellness Center and author of Life Without Pain; Robert Eslinger, DO. HMD, Medical Director, Integrative Medical Center of Reno; Bradford S. Weeks, M.D. Medical Director of the Weeks Clinic for Corrective Health; Susan E. Kolb, M.D. FACS, author of the Naked Truth About Breast Implantation; and William Faloon, Co-Founder, Life Extension Foundation.

Can you overcome lung cancer without harsh chemicals, surgery and debilitation.? Are alternative interventions effective? Why do conventional physicians not use them? Can you prevent cancer recurrence and live into old age free of chronic illnesses and prescribed medications? This book answers these and other questions.

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Healthy Holistic Aging

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Helvie, C (2007) Healthy Holistic Aging: A Blueprint for Success, Minneapolis, Minn: Syren Publishers with a foreword by Dr Charles Thomas Cayce, President, Edgar Cayce Foundation and Endorsed by C Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. author of Life Beyond 100: Secrets of the Fountain of Youth and hundreds of other publications, Founder and President of Holos Graduate Seminary, and neurosurgeon who invented the TENS unit.

This is Helvie�s first non-technical book and was written for the public. In it he envisions holistic health as comprising physical, mental and spiritual health, relationships, the environment, and politics because they all influence health. The book presents assessment tools and interventions in each of these areas and how to put these together in a holistic way to improve health. It also discusses how to develop a plan that will increase the success rate for following that plan.

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E-books and CD's

Stress Reduction and Sleep: A Holistic Approach

Part I Sleep
Part II Stress Reduction
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A Two CD Set-$20.00
In this two part CD set Dr. Helvie presents a holistic way to use physical, mental, and spiritual interventions to improve the quality and duration of uninterrupted sleep in part 1. In part two he presents a holistic approach for stress reduction-involving changes in physical, mental and spiritual behaviors that ensure reduced stress in ones ongoing life. Some interventions require a process of change whereas others may be used in a stressful situation. The long-term goal is to obtain a relatively stress free life.

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Natural Cure for Anal Fissure

When I was diagnosed with an anal fissure my physician gave me nitroglycerine ointment, a very harmful chemical that lowers your blood pressure, gives you a headache and causes other health problems. I threw it away and used natural products that healed the anal fissure quickly and within a year I was unaware of ever having a problem. This 8 page e-book tells you what I used and the latest research on natural approaches.

Stress Reduction and Sleep - A Holistic Approach

Adequate quality sleep and freedom from excessive stress are important to your health. This e-book offers physical, mental, and spiritual activities to help you meet these goals. Sometimes you need to walk around the block before responding, sometimes prayer helps, sometimes you need to count to 10 before you speak, or you might want to visualize a peaceful setting with you in it. What about warm milk and a bath before bedtime to facilitate sleep?. This 30 page e-book offers a variety of techniques and suggestions to facilitate sleep and to reduce stress. .

Cancer - A Holistic Approach to Treatment

When diagnosed with lung cancer my physicians gave me 6 months to live�that was 33 years ago. Refusing chemotherapy and surgery I used an alternative holistic approach that allowed me to continue working and enjoying life without being debilitated. This 30 page e-book discusses my physical, mental, and spiritual interventions and current herbs, diet, and supplements used in treatments.

Smoking Cessation: Tips and Resources -CD Recording

This CD looks at the numbers of people who smoke and the effects of smoking on health. Most of the time is devoted to tips for stopping smoking and resources available for quitting and for remaining smoke free. Dr Carl O Helvie with Guest Dr Scott McIntosh.

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