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New Herbal Medication for A/H1N1 flu (Swine Flu)

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

After 7 months of scientific and clinical studies the President of Bejing’s Chaoyang Hospital in Bejing during the last week announced a new herbal remedy called “Jin Hua Qing Gen Fang” as effective in treating A/H1N1 flu. He said it shortens the length of time patients have a fever and improves their respiratory system with no noted harmful side effects to patients. It was developed by a team of over 120 medical specialists at a cost of about 1.47 million U.S. dollars and was used in both scientific and clinical studies. Studies included experiments on more that 4,000 mice and clinical studies on 410 patients with A/H1N1 flu. It was picked from more than 100 classic anti-flu prescriptions based upon Chinese herbal medicine.

It is about 1/4th the cost of Tamiflu the current treatment of choice that was recommended by the World Health Organization. The goal is to make this available to all as an alternative to current drugs.