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Becki Hawkins (transition) and Debbie Campanelli (faith and cancer) Interviews Now Available.

Sunday, April 14th, 2013



Radio interviews with Becki Hawkins (picture) and Debbie Campanelli are now available for listening. Becki is a retired R.N., who spent 30 years as a hospice and oncology nurse and recently wrote Transitions: Q Nurse’s Education About Life and Death, More information is available at:

Debbi Campanelli is a very compassionate and is always ready to help others, She is a leukemia survivor who was told she was terminal in 1976 and subsequently was cured by her faith in Jesus.  Her story has been confirmed by articles in medical journals and in the National Inquirer.



Becki Hawkins, R.N., (Hospice Care) and Debbie Campanelli (Faith in Cancer Healing) to Be Next Guests.

Sunday, April 7th, 2013

HawkinsBecki-239x300 Guest on the show next week will be Becki Hawlins (left) and Debbie Campanelli.

Becki Hawkins is a natural storyteller and a great listener. She brought those gifts with her as she sat by the bedside of seriously ill or terminally ill patients for more than 30 years as an oncology and hospice nurse. And it is her compassion and warmth that encouraged so many of her charges to share their heartfelt thoughts and experiences with her.

Hawkins began her career as a nurse’s aide at age 19, and that exposure to the nursing profession inspired her to get a degree in nursing. Unusual for someone so young, she chose to start her career in the Oncology Unit in a large city hospital. She progressed to Outpatient Oncology, Hospice, and eventually became a Hospice Chaplain. Upon retirement in the 1990s, she began to volunteer her services and expertise with hospice patients. She was also instrumental in the transition and care of various family members.

The emotional impact of working with terminally ill patients was difficult for Hawkins. She loved the opportunity of working with the patients and families, but didn’t quite know how to face the reality of not being able to “save” every patient. After seeing the stress it left upon her and hearing the stories, her husband suggested she begin journaling. Hawkins began to write about what she was hearing, witnessing, feeling with her patients, their families, co-workers and visitors. From there, she started penning a column in a local newspaper entitled, “Beyond Statistics,” in 1986, which is now syndicated in six pages regionally. A selection of columns was assembled into Transitions: A Nurse’s Education About Life and Death.

Hawkins is now a sought-after speaker on her book, transitioning wisdom, hospice care and helping people leave the planet with grace, dignity and love. She continues to writer her column, blog, do book signings, work on her second book and still visits patients or friends who ask her to stop in on a loved one

For more information on Becki, her book or her speaking, go to her website:

Information on Debbie Campanelli to follow.