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New Potential Treatment Target for Melanoma Discovered.

Friday, May 8th, 2015

New Potential Treatment for Melanoma

A new study published in the journal Clinical Cancer Research reported that researchers found high levels of an enzyme, interleukin-3  induced T-cell kinase (ITK) in melanoma cells that when blocked in pre-clinical studies in mice, reduced the cancer’s growth. This enzyme has not previously been explored as a driver of solid tumors and the researchers are hopeful blocking of the enzyme can be an effective treatment because one drug blocking the enzyme in blood and other cancer’s has been approved. Researchers said “We have discovered that ITK is highly expressed in melanoma even though it was thought to be restricted to immunity cells, and when you inhibit it, you decrease growth.” Five year survival rates for melanoma range from 98 percent to 16 depending on whether the cancer is localized or has spread and some treatments become ineffective so new treatments are needed.