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Bailey O’Brien, a 10 year stage 4 melanoma survivor, was current guest

Sunday, February 24th, 2019

Bailey O’Brien is a stage 4 melanoma survivor, cancer coach and community lover. In 2007 at the age of 17 she was first diagnosed cancer before she became terminal in 2011. Finding herself at the end of her conventional-wisdom-rope, Bailey took a chance on alternative methods including treatment at a Mexican hospital and a radical diet and lifestyle change. Despite the odds and by the grace of God, she was healed! Bailey’s healing prompted her quest for meaning, truth and purpose, and since finding it her life has been forever changed for the good. She now helps others with cancer and it brings her great joy to share her belief that in every situation there is always hope, health-related and otherwise. Bailey is living proof that with God, all things are possible! Her website is and you can find her on Facebook and Instagram at and

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Twelve Year Stage 3 Breast Cancer Survivor, Susan Gonzalez.

Sunday, August 13th, 2017

Susan Gonzalez is a nurse, Certified Professional Cancer Coach, certified in plant-based nutrition, and a 12 year stage III lobular breast cancer survivor. She is an advocate for health and wellness with a focus on cancer prevention and the use of holistic healing for cancer survival.  Her popular book, “100 Perks of Having Cancer plus 100 Health Tips for Surviving It”, and her award winning blog, “The Savvy Sister: simple changes for healthy living”, provides valuable tools for those wishing to live a happy and healthy life after cancer.

As a warrior for cancer survivors, she hosts her own website,, where survivors can find information on healing the body, mind and spirit to reduce their risk of cancer recurrence.  Susan is also the creator of MOON Organics: a natural skin care company created for those who want to avoid cancer-causing chemicals. You can see all her products at

Susan lives in Atlanta with her husband and two daughters. I previously interviewed my colleague, Susan,  5 years ago.

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Interview with Bill Henderson (cancer coach) and Lea Ann Biafora (nurse cancer advocate) now Available for Listening.

Sunday, May 12th, 2013

Bill_Photo_Compressedlea_ann_-_bio_picGuest on the Holistic Health Show on Saturday were Bill Henderson and Lea Ann Biafora. Bill is a best selling author of three books on natural healing of cancer and has coached over 3500 cancer patients. More information was presented earlier on this site and can be found at:

Lea Ann Biafora is a registered nurse with over 2 decades in the health care industry and has established Beacon Oncology Nurse Advocates. More information was presented earlier and can be found at:

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Bill Henderson (cancer coach) and Lea Ann Biafora (nurse advocate for cancer) to be Guests.

Sunday, May 5th, 2013

Bill_Photo_Compressedlea_ann_-_bio_picGuest for Saturday’s show include Bill Henderson and Lea Ann Biafora.

Bill Henderson is on a crusade.  His late wife’s four-year experience with ovarian cancer and its treatment convinced him that “there must be a better way.”  After helping over 3,500 cancer patients in 64 countries all over the world heal themselves of their cancers for the last 14 years, Bill feels he knows why people get cancer and how they get over it. His mission is to spread that message to as many people as possible.

In addition to being a best-selling author of three books on natural cancer healing, Bill has produced over 200 very popular one-hour weekly radio shows where he interviewed cancer doctors, dentists and survivors.  He has published 165 free newsletters to his audience of 38,000 readers.  He has made many presentations all over the U.S. and Canada on his favorite subject of natural cancer healing. 

Bill just celebrated his 80th birthday in January, 2012.  Bill’s first career was in the Air Force.  He retired as a Colonel after 25 years of service in 1977.   He then founded a computer software business in 1978.  He had architect and engineer clients in 34 states and 4 Canadian provinces.  He sold that business in 1995 after he lost his wife to ovarian cancer in November, 1994.

Bill lives with his present wife, Terry, in San Antonio, Texas.  He has 5 grandchildren and 9 great-grandbabies.

 Lea Ann Biafora, MS, RN, OCS, has over two decades of experience in the healthcare industry.   With a unique combination of experience as a certified oncology nurse and as an accomplished leader within the health care business sector, Lea Ann has devoted her career to assist cancer patients, within acute care settings, academic medical centers and community settings. She understands the growing complexities and interconnectedness associated with cancer care  because of her experience in: Oncology nursing (infusion, clinical trials, in-patient and out-patient settings), Hospital administration (case management, discharge planning, quality improvement, and staff development), and insurance administration (managed and developed cancer case management and chronic disease management program).

In addition to these applied experiences, Lea Ann has extensive academic training as a cancer patient advocate and business leader as a registered nurse, oncology certified nurse, certified case manager, certified professional in health care quality, and Masters of Science in Health Care Administration.

Lea Ann understands the importance of patient advocacy and she recognizes the widened systemic gaps in cancer care.  After years of witnessing her family, friends, and patients struggle through the frustrating inadequacies within the healthcare system, Lea Ann founded Beacon Oncology Nurse Advocates and dedicated her life and work as an independent health advocate specializing in working with cancer patients and their caregivers.

She has created a new vision, a feet-on-the-ground patient-focused-consulting “concierge” model that helps cancer patients and their caregivers navigate the broad spectrum of cancer care services (i.e., understanding the latest diagnostic and treatment advancements, evidenced-based treatment options, questions to address and ask, billing/insurance issues) within the healthcare maze. Each engagement is tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual and services can be as little or much as desired. This model encourages each client/patient to be matched with their own oncology nurse to yield improved cancer care outcomes as well as higher satisfaction among the patient and their team of medical provider