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Epigenetic vs Chronological Age and Cancer.

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016

logo1267406_mdA new study reported in Northwestern University news  concluded that when your biological (epigenetic) age is older than your chronological age, you are at risk of getting and dying from cancer. In addition, the bigger difference between the two ages, the higher youyr risk of dying from cancer. Researchers said “The discrepancy between the two ages appears to be a promising tool that could be used to develop an early detection blood test for cancer.” They continued “People who are healthyu have a very small difference between their epigenetic/biological age and chronological age.” “People who develop cancer have a large difference and people who die from cancer have a diffe4rence even larger than that,?

Measurement of the epigenetic age is based upon calculation of an algorithm  measuring blood DNA methylation markers that could be modified by one’s environment, including environmental chemicals, obesity, exercise and diet. In DNA methylation, a cluster of molecules attach to a gene and makes the gene more or less receptive to biochemical signals from the body but the gene or your DNA code does not change.

The study was a longitudinal design with multiple blood samples collected from 1999 to 2013. Researchers used 834 blood samples collected from 442 subjects who were free of cancer at the time of the blood samples.

Results showed a 6 percent increase risk of getting cancer within three years for each one year discrepancy between chronological and epigenetic age. There was also a 17 percent increase risk of cancer death with five years.    Those who will develop cancer had an epigenetic age about six months older than their chronological age, and those who will die have about a 2.2 year older epigenetic age. Further research was recommended.