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Could Beehive Extract Be a Prostate Cancer Treatment?

Friday, June 8th, 2012

A new study published in Cancer Prevention Research concluded that a natural remedy derived from honeybee hives stops the growth of prostate cancer cells and tumors in mice. The compound isolated from honeybee hives is caffeic acid-phenethyl ester (CAPE) and is a resin used by bees to patch up holes in hives.¬† The researcher stated “If you feed CAPE to mice daily, their tumors will stop growing. After several weeks, if you stop the treatment, the tumors will begin to grow again at their original pace.”¬† He continued on to elaborate ” So it doesn’t kill the cancer, but it basically will indefinitely stop prostate cancer proliferation.”

The compound (CAPE) was tested on a series of cancer cell lines and found that even at low concentrations it successfully slowed the proliferation of cultured cells isolated from human prostate tumors. Mice studies with prostate tumors grafted into mice also showed slowing growth and after six weeks of treatment with the compound  the tumor volume growth rate decreased by half, but when CAPE treatment was stopped, tumor growth resumed at its prior rate. Thus, it seems that CAPE stopped cell division but did not kill cancerous cells.