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Can Vitamin C prevent Cataracts?

Wednesday, March 30th, 2016

logo1267406_mdA new study published in the journal Ophthalmology concluded that higher dietary intake of vitamin C has been found to potentially have a preventive effect on cataract progression in the first study of twins that looked at the influence of genetic and environmental factors on cataracts over time.

Three hundred twenty four pairs of female twins were followed over ten years by examining photographs of the subjects lenses that allowed researchers to analyze the level of opacity of the lens in detail. Their intake of vitamin C was also measured by means of a food questionnaire. Results showed that a higher intake of vitamin C was associated with a 33 per cent risk reduction of cataract progression and had “clearer” lenses after the 10 year s than those who consumed less vitamin C as part of their diet.   Researchers also found that environmental factors influenced cataracts more than genetic factors. Vitamin C is found in the fluid in the eye that bathes the lens and helps stop the lens from oxidizing and protects them from becoming cloudy. It is believed that the increased dietary vitamin C protects the eye by increasing the vitamin c in the fluid. Researchers said “The findings of this study could have significant impact, particularly for the ageing population globally by suggesting that simple dietary changes such as increased intake of fruit and vegetables as part of a healthier diet could help protect them from cataracts.”…”While we cannot avoid getting older, diabetes and smoking are also risk factors for this type of cataract, and so a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle generally should reduce the risk of needing a cataract operation.”Researchers also said “The human body cannot manufacture vitamin , so we depend on vitamins in the food we eat. We did not find a significant reduction risk in people who took vitamin tablets, so it seems that a healthy diet is better than supplements.” Researchers pointed out some of the limitations of the study.

Interview with Dr Edward Kondrot on Eye Health now Available

Sunday, November 10th, 2013

DR Kondrot

Dr Edward Kondrot is founder of Healing The Eye and Wellness Center and also author of three beast selling books. More information was presented earlier on this site and can be found at: