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New Cervical Cancer Diagnostic Test has Minimal Discomfort.

Wednesday, August 9th, 2017


A new diagnostic test for cervical cancer that could replace the colposcope (usually used following an abnormal pap smear) is less painful and minimizes discomfort according to new research published in Journal of Lower Genital Tract Disease .In the colposcope a metal instrument is used  to obtain a small sampling of cells inside the cervix that is often painful for the patient and does not always provide good results.

An alternate device called the fabric -based endocervical curettage used a fabric hook similar to that found on the rough side of Velcro to do the sampling instead of the metal scraping. The hook simultaneously biopsies, traps, and stores the tissue for transport to the lab. Researchers said “We have found that the new fabric device has significantly fewer  “inadequate” specimens—meaning patients did not need to return for repeat biopsies. ” “This new device means patients will get better results, with fewer patients needing repeat biopsies, which can increase patient satisfaction.”

A sample of 81 physicians and nurse colposcopists who switched from the old metal version (January, 2010 to July 2011)  to the new fabric version (Sept 2011 to October, 2013) were included. The researchers looked at pathology lab results for the two periods. They found the new device is not sharp and removes the appropriate amount of cells with minimal discomfort. “Because the biopsy gets more tissue, it is able to find more precancerous cells. This could be the difference between intervening early before someone develops cancer and waiting until it has grown larger.”

38 Year Cervical Cancer Survivor Jann Holden Used Natural Interventions

Sunday, July 30th, 2017

My first guest  Saturday, Jann Holden is a 38 year Stage 4 Cervical Cancer Survivor who through a strong determination, REIKI. and diet change overcome cancer without chemo, surgery or radiation. She is an  Ordained Minister, REIKI Master, EFT Coach,  Tuning Fork & Sound Therapist with over 35 years experience in my field.  I offer doTerra essential oil products as well as Nikken Magnetic products. I also offer advise on dietary changes, and supplements you may be lacking.  Hair analysis and saliva testing are also available thru my office, as well as ph testing and iodine deficiency tests.

She is very passionate about energy healing, REIKI in particular.  Much against my families wishes, I did not use the conventional methods of chemotherapy, radiation or surgery for my cancer.  Instead I took a class in REIKI and learned to work on myself.  Later I went on to become a REIKI Master. My work is now aimed at making a difference in other people’s lives as well, whether physically, emotionally or spiritually.

REIKI is a hands on modality that balances the energy of the body, allowing the healing process to take place.  My specialty is distant REIKI where I work off a picture or even just a name.  REIKI can be used on animals, and literally anything with “energy”. I have actually fixed machines!

One thing people must realize is that I am a facilitator to the healing process, not a healer. REIKI is not a religion and you do not have to believe in it.  The actual healing work is done by the person requesting the healing thru their intent and often dietary and lifestyle changes.

Although REIKI cannot always physically heal everyone, it does make a difference on other levels, meaning mentally, emotionally or spiritually.  It is especially helpful to the terminally ill, making their transitioning easier, more comfortable and acceptable to them.

I offer many other modalities as well, including EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques or tapping), Sound/Vibrational Therapies including OHM and color tuning forks, drumming, singing bowls, and I use crystals, orgonite and pendulums in my work.  I also offer Ear Candling, and Magnetic Therapy and roll-outs. I often combine some of these techniques.  Please see descriptions on each of these modalities.  My special is a combo tuning fork/REIKI session with special deep relaxation music and colored lights.  I call this “THE WORKS”.

My husband and I have been married for 40 years and own a small ranch in the foothills of Red Bluff, CA.  I have 2 sons and 6 grandkids that all live back near Chicago.

I enjoy trail riding on my horse, bike riding, camping,  gardening, country western dancing, gourmet cooking, and I am an avid reader.  Of course, my passion is healing work.More information is available at:

Enjoy the interviews with Jann Holden and Robin Ashley below:


Curcumin As A Potential Therapy for Cancer Caused by HPV

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

HPV and Curcumin as Potential Therapy for Cancer

HPV: A new study published in EurekAlert concluded that Curcumin, an antioxidant, found in the curry spice Tumeric, will slow or limit the activity of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), that causes oral and cervical cancer.  Authors say “Tumeric has established antiviral and anti-cancer properties and according to our new findings, we could say that its good for oral health too.”  The researchers first noted the effect of curcumin on HPV and cervical cancer cells in 2005 and because oral cancer rates are rising  they tested the same hypothesis on oral cancer. They found that Curcumin turns down the expression of HPV in infected oral cancer cells by down regulating the level of cellular transcription factors   AP-1 and NF-KB and this suggests a new potential new role for Curcumin in cancer control.

Does radiation therapy for cervical cancer increase your risk of later colorectal cancer?

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

logo1267406_mdIn a recent study published online in the journal Medical Oncology researchers found that young women treated with radiation for cervical cancer had a higher incidence of secondary colorectal cancer later in life than women who were not treated with radiation therapy. As a result they recommended earlier colorectal cancer screening for this group than earlier recommended starting at about 8 years after treatment instead of waiting until age 50.

Researchers analyzed data on over 64,500 cervical cancer cases collected between 1973 and 2009. Among cervical cancer survivors studied, colon, rectum, and anus tumors were found to be two to four times more frequent in the group treated with radiation than in the group not treated with radiation. The rate of colorectal cancer in the group receiving radiation for cervical cancer varied by time and began about 8 years after treatment and increased over time until after 35 years they were 3 to 4 times more like to develop colorectal cancer than women who had not had radiation.

Are Women Treated for PreCancerous Cells on the Cervix, at Greater Risk of Later Cervical and Vaginal Cancers?

Friday, January 24th, 2014


A new study published in the British Medical Journal concluded that women previously treated for abnormal cells on the cervix (CIN3 or cervical intraepithelial neoplasis grade 3) are at increased risk of developing and dying from cervical or vaginal cancer compared with the general female population and that the risk rises after age 60. This is the first study to evaluate the risk of death from cervical cancer after treatment of CIN3) as women age. Data was used from the Swedish Cancer Registry that contains information on 150,883 women with CIN3 and of these, 1,089 had a diagnoses of invasive cervical cancer and 127 had a diagnosis of vaginal cancer whereas 302 and 52 respectively died of these diseases.

Results showed an increase risk of invasive cervical and vaginal cancers as women once treated for CIN3 grew older and the risk compared to women in the general population accelerated after age 60. By age 75 the incidence rates increased further and rates exceded 100 per 100,000 women over that age. Also the more recent the treatment of CIN3 the higher the risk of cancer.

Despite the risk involved, the researchers said women treated for ?CIN3 are well protected from cervical cancer and only a minority ot those treated die from the disease and women treated are assumed to have been followed up more closely than other women. They concluded that the treatment for CIN3 is very beneficial for women with the diagnosis but the risk of developing cervical or vaginal cancer and of dying from one of these among women previously treated for CIN3 is strongly increased after the age of 60 and 70 respectively, compared to the general population of women. . Also found was that treatment later in life increases the risk and they recommended that women previously treated for CIN3 be followed later in life.

Simple Test to Detect Cervical Cancer

Friday, January 17th, 2014

logo1267406_mdA new study published in PLOS ONE concluded that using the heat profile from a person’s blood, a plasma thermogram, can serve as an indicator for the presence or absence of cervical cancer, including the stage 9f cancer. The researchers said “We have been able to demonstrate a more convenient, less intrucive test for detecting and staging cervical cancer.”

Researchers said plasma thermograms have different patterns associated with different demographics, as well as for different diseases and, consequently a persons thermogram can be compared to specific demographic reference profiles or even better, to the persons own profile. Further study of this approach might result in the plasma thermogram as a complementary test to the traditional screening methods for cervical cancer, the Pap smear and would be less intrusive and more convenient for the patient. In addition, because the plasma thermogram test could allow treatment effectiveness to be easuily monitored, treatment that was not working could be stopped sooner and replaced with more effective treatment.


Interviews with Ian Jacklin (film producer), Valerie Orsoni (cervical cancer) and Ani Kaspar (breast cancer) Now Available.

Sunday, February 3rd, 2013

Ian HSvorsonianne_2 Interviews are available for listening below with Ian Jacklin (left), Valerie Orsoni (center) and Ani Kaspar (right).

Ian Jacklin is an actor, filmmaker, concert promoter and kickbox champion. Currently he is working on I Cure Cancer part 2. More information was presented earlier on this site or can be found at:

My second guest, Valerie Orsoni is the CEO and founder of the international online healthy living coaching program and has appeared on many national tv and radio programs. More information was presented earlier on this site and can be found at:

My third guest, Ani Kaspar, founder Body By Bliss, an international wellness consultancy and lives in Puerto Rico. More information was presented earl;er on this site and can be found at:

Enjoy the interview below:


Ian Jacklin (cancer film producer), Valerie Orsoni (cervical cancer survivor) and Ani Kaspar (breast cancer survivor) to be Guests on the Holistic Health Show

Sunday, January 27th, 2013


Ian HS


My guests for Saturday are: Ian Jacklin Left)   Valerie Orsoni (Center) and Ani Kaspar (Right).

Ian Jacklin is documentary filmmaker, concert promoter, actor and kickboxing champion. With three films produced and one world kickboxing title shot under his black belt, he’s a warrior who persists until the fight is won or the project is done. Jacklin, 44, is a graduate of the highly acclaimed method acting school, Joanne Baron/DW Brown Studio. His 10-year acting career in Hollywood included starring roles in Death Match and Expert Weapon as well as lead roles in several other action movies. His television credits include appearances on Days of Our Lives and the sitcom Just Shoot Me. His acting years coincided with his 10-year professional fighting career. In 1990, he was chosen to be the light heavyweight in the camp of heavyweight boxing champ Lennox Lewis. A black belt in Kenpo karate, Jacklin went on to become the Canadian International Sport Karate Association’s and the World Kickboxing and Karate Association’s North American champion. He was ranked number two in the world by WKA in 1992.During the last 10 years, his focus has been producing documentaries and music videos as owner of Co-dependent Pictures, Inc. His first two films were Rockumentaries one in NYC and one in upstate NY.  Jacklin’s current film, is about people who cured themselves of deadly diseases after their doctors were unable to help them using holistic medicine.  Numbers are in the hundreds possibly thousands that this film has helped to learn the truth of cancer healing.  He is seeking funding currently to finish “ Part II”  — Baby Killers

Valérie Orsoni is the CEO & Founder of the international online healthy living coaching program, The worldwide image for the Wii and Sony Move game “My Body Coach”, and Slendertone electrostimulation products, as well as ambassador for Nestle’s Fitness Cereals,Valerie is consistently sought out by the media for her expertise in health and weight loss. Orsoni has appeared on national and international TV, including Good Morning America, CNN, NBC, FOX, and CBS; and has authored books on coaching in business, health, fitness and weight loss. Her latest release is “La Methode Orsoni” (The Orsoni Method), published by Reader’s Digest.

Ani Kaspar is a pioneer of non-invasive alternate cures for cancer. She’s a humanitarian, seeker of truth and conduit for healing. Ani’s humanitarian call to action “Compassionate Cure for Cancer®” asks cancer patients worldwide to request the modern medical community investigate and deliver natural, less invasive methods of treating and curing cancer. She is a four year thriver of intra-ductal carcinoma—the most prevalent breast cancer in the world. Today, Ani consults, conducts educational seminars, workshops and retreats, and is a life coach and international speaker. After abandoning Wall Street, in 2005, she founded BodyByBliss™, an international wellness consultancy. She is the creator of a unique, self-exploration method called Intuitive Sovereignty or IS™. Ani is fifty one years old and lives blissfully in Rincon, Puerto Rico with pelicans, coconuts and butterflies.

Interviews with Cancer Survivors, Susan Gonzalez (breast) and Sam Corti (cervical) Now Available for Listening

Sunday, January 6th, 2013

Guests for the Holistic Health Show on Saturday were Susan Gonzalez (left) and Sam Corti (right).

Susan is a registered nurse with a baccalaureate degree and is in partnership with one of the top preventive cardiologists in the country where she counsels hundreds of patients on creating and meeting their lifestyle needs. Her upcoming book,. 100 Perks of Having Cancer Plus 100 Tips for Surviving It is due on the market Spring 2013. More information was presented earlier on this website.

Sam Corti, from  England, survived cervical cancer using a combination opf traditional and natural intervention and now has a tea business called tea4life at

Enjoy the interview below.

Cancer Survivors Susan Gonzales (breast cancer) and Sam Corti (cervical cancer) to be Guests.

Sunday, December 30th, 2012

My guests for Saturday are Susan Gonzalez (left)  and Sam (Samantha) Corti.

Susan Gonzalez, RN, BSN has been educating people on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle since graduating with honors from Molloy College in New York in 1986.  She is a Registered Nurse in the states of New York and Georgia and received additional training in Cardiac Rehabilitation, nutrition, stress management, and smoking cessation, and also became registered as a Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer in 1999.

Since her partnership with one of the top preventative cardiologists in the country in 2000, she has personally counselled hundreds of patients on creating and meeting their own healthy lifestyle goals.

As a warrior against cancer causing ingredients in personal care products, Susan launched her own all-natural organic skincare line, MOON Organics Inc in 2010.  As developer and CEO she continues to expand the line, catering to the needs of those going through treatment for cancer.  She was featured as one of The Story Exchange’s “inspirational women” in 2012.

Susan’s mission is to take what she’s learned and pass that knowledge to others. Having been a cancer patient as well as a caregiver, gives Susan a unique perspective on health issues and this motivates her to produce accurate blog articles with well cited research.  She advocates natural healing and is a strong believer that we must take full responsibility for our own health and wellness in all areas of life: diet, exercise, spirituality, as well as self worth and social health.

She hopes to continue her mission to educate in her first book “100 Perks of Having Cancer Plus 100 Health Tips for Surviving It” due to be released in the US and Canada in spring 2013

Sam Corti, my second guest,  was written up in articles in England for shrinking her deadly tumor with an anti-cancer diet. Her story follows:

When I was 23 years of age I was diagnosed with cervical cancer in situ which was treated with a cone biopsy and a Letz biopsy.  After the hospital was satisfied that they had removed the cancerous cells, I received colcoscopy every three months for a year, then every six months, then a smear every six months.  Finally after three years I was back to having yearly smear tests which I never forgot to have or postponed, as I was fully aware that having smear tests was the most important way to catch abnormal cells if they were to re-appear.

Thirteen years later at the age of 36, I was blessed with the first of two children, now aged eight and seven.  Since the children were born my monthly cycle became heavier and heavier, I put it down to hormones.  About four and a half years ago, after experiencing slight spotting I went straight to the doctors for a smear.  The smear was clear but my doctor recommended colcoscopy just to be on the safe side.  Colcoscopy showed nothing abnormal.  Life went on and I struggled through my monthly cycle which was getting increasingly heavier with worsening pains.

Six months on, whilst chatting to girlfriends in the garden amidst a children’s tea party I decided to make an appointment to go to the doctor and discuss my heavy periods. The locum doctor told me to take Neurofen.  Not happy with this I decided to make another appointment and see a different doctor.  This time the doctor said that the cause was probably fibroids, however because of my history she recommended an ultrasound.  The ultrasound was done, within 24 hours I was called back to the surgery and fast tracked to the hospital where a biopsy was performed, along with a MRI scan, a CT scan, a chest x-ray and blood tests.  One week later I was sitting with my husband in an appointment with a consultant and told that I had cancer of the cervix, and my case was being handed over to Addenbrookes hospital in Cambridge.

After investigative surgery at Addenbrookes, in the recovery room I was told that I had severe cancer of the cervix, graded at 4a (it only goes up to 4b), it had wrapped itself around my bladder, bowel and spread into my lymph nodes.  The one positive was that the tumour was mobile so the oncologist was going to recommend surgery followed by radiotherapy and chemotherapy.  Unfortunately this would mean an 11 hour operation involving very intricate bowel surgery and resulting in a colostomy bag.  He gave me a 50% chance of survival and beating it.

It is difficult to describe the following 48 hours, life continued as normal – with young kids it’s impossible not to carry on.  I saw friends and family and discussed my situation; everyone was distressed, concerned, and supportive.  The feeling of not being in control and putting my life in the hands of others was huge, as was the worry that if I carried on as normal and didn’t see this as an opportunity for change then I may not get through it .  This is when I decided to take control of my own destiny, health, life and beat the cancer.

The first book I read was titled Anti Cancer – A New Way of Life, written by David Servan-Schreiber, a fantastic book that kick started a complete change in the way I eat.  I went on to read numerous other books stating with scientific proof that food and nutrition is key to avoiding, beating and surviving cancer.  Convinced I had nothing to lose I embraced the anti-cancer diet wholeheartedly, totally focused myself on positive thinking and prepared myself for battle.

The operation was a huge success.  In the recovery ward I asked which side my colostomy bag was on – left would have been temporary and right would have been permanent.  I was told there was no bag.  Over the following few days several consultants visited me and expressed their amazement at their findings during surgery.  The tumour had, it seemed, shrunk.  They had not been able to locate it around my bowels and indeed had called further surgeons into theatre for 2nd, 3rd and 4th opinions.  They removed 9 lymph nodes, of which only 1 was cancerous and I was in theatre for only 4 hours while a radical hysterectomy was performed.

Two months later, in January 2009, I underwent a five week course of radiotherapy and chemotherapy to back up the surgery.

Now I am fit and well, have had a clear MRi scan and appointments with the oncologist are down to every six months. My skin is clear, I feel radiant, I rarely get sick and I have lost weight.  There is no question that the expertise of the medical team at Addenbrookes, the love of my husband and children and the support of family and friends have all played their part in my recovery.

But, I am absolutely confident that the anti-cancer diet I follow resulted in the miraculous shrinking of the tumour.

My diet consists of drinking several cups of green tea daily, eating several portions of vegetables especially cruciferous vegetables, incorporating herbs and spices (especially garlic and turmeric) into cooking, eating wholegrain, Soya and fruit, especially berries and trying to avoid sugar, processed food, dairy and meat.

I heard a lot of great things about green tea being a truly wonderful source of anti-oxidants, polyphenols and catechins as well as having other health benefits. I discovered a favorite and also learnt it was one of the best sources of all these health boosting elements. This tea was Japanese Sencha.

I sourced some fresh Sencha and started drinking it in huge quantities. That’s how was born. Tea4life is my own online company selling green tea directly to customers around the world.