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Improved Test For Cervical Cancer Detection.

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Research reported at Medicalxpress.,com stated that a  new method of minimizing the number of missed cases of cervical cancer and making the diagnoses more reliable has been found that may decrease the number of deaths annually. Despite a reduction in the number of women diagnosed with and dying from cervical cancer there are still 250 deaths and 500 new cases annually in Sweden.

The test currently used has a low sensitivity requiring cell samples to be taken at least every three years. Unreliable results also mean many tests must be repeated adding cost to care and anxiety among women involved. The new test is a  complementary test that minimize4s the number of missed cases. The researcher says “Around 70 per cent of all cervical cancer cases are caused by two specific virus types, known as HPV16 and HPV18. We have developed a method that identifies proteins of these oncogenic viruses in cells, enabling a more objective interpretation of the test results.”  Researchers believe this will produce a more reliable diagnosis in uncertain cases and reduce missed cases and recalling women with samples that are difficult to interpret.

Human Papilloma Virus Triggers Mouth and Cervical Cancer

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010


A new study reported in the British Journal of Cancer concluded that ” a protein in cells called Cdc42, which is already known to be implicated in a number of cancers as well as in tumor spread, is inappropriately activated by the human papilloma virus.” Thus, the researchers discovered a new way for the HPV to trigger cancer that may lead to new treatments for cervical and mouth cancers. This discovery of a mechanism adds to the knowledge that HPV increases the risk of developing cervical and mouth cancers and accounts for about 70% of all cervical cancer cases. Knowing how the virus caused the diseases may help in identifying prevention and treatment of HPV related cancers.
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Pap Test may Still be Useful for Detecting Cervical Cancer

Friday, January 15th, 2010


According to a report in the Journal of the American Medical Association in October, 2009 a study of nearly 90,000 women in the Netherlands concluded that the liquid-based cytology. a commonly used alternative to conventional Pap tests, was not superior to the Pap test in detecting cervical cancer precursors or cancer. In the study, researchers compared the screening performance of Pap tests and liquid-based cytology in terms of tests positivity rates, histological detection rates and positive predictive values (PPV). In the randomized control study, 89,784 women ages 30 to 60 who participated in the Dutch screening program at 246 family practice sites were included. One hundred twenty two practice sites were assigned to use the liquid-based cytology and screened 49,222 patients, and the other 124 practice sites were assigned to use the conventional pap test and screened 40,562 women. Subjects were screened for cervical intraepithelial neoplasms (CIN) and followed for 18 months.
Results showed that the adjusted detection rate ratio for CIN grade 1+ was 1.01; for CIN grade 2+ was 1.00, for CIN grade 3+ was 1.05; and for carcinoma was 1.69. “The adjusted positive predictive value ratios, considered at several cytological cutoffs and for various outcomes of CIN did not differ significantly from unity.” Further, “Because of the randomization, it can plausibly be assumed that the prevalence of CIN was equal in both groups. Therefore, the lack of difference in detection rates and PPV in this trial demonstrates that liquid-based cytology is neither more sensitive nor more specific in detecting cervical cancer precursors than the conventional Pap test.