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What is the Best Oil for Frying Fish?

Friday, July 22nd, 2016

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Order Real Xanax A new study published in Food Research International concluded that using extra virgin olive oil is the best choice for frying fish because of the changes that take place in fish lipids and in the oil during the frying process. The frying techniques, nature of oil uses in frying, and the fish species show a great influence on changes that take place during the process and cooking oil is v4ery important because of its impact on the lipid profile in the fish and on the possible generation of toxic compounds in the oil during frying, that can influence food safety and human health. In the study fillets of European seabass and gilthead seabass were shallow-fried in a frying pan and microwave oven using extra virgin olive oil and refined sunflower oil. Changes taking place in the lipid composition of the fish and the frying oil were studied using the Proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging (H-1 NMR). During the shallow-frying of the fish the fish lipids migrate to the frying oil, and and the components of the oil are also transferred to the fillet of fish. Subsequently, the composition of the oil used for frying is modified as follows: first it is enriched by the acyl groups (fatty acids) that are present in a higher concentration in the fish fat than in the original oil, and then, simultaneously it is depleted in the acyl groups present in a higher concentration in the original oil than in the fish fat. Thus, after being used for frying,the  extra virgin olive oil was richer in omega-1 acyl groups, linoleic and saturated fats (from the fish) and poorer in oleic, which is the main acyl group in olive oil. Also, after being used for frying, the sunflower oil was richer in all the acyk group types (coming from the fish) except linoleic, which is the majority acyl group in sunflower oil. In addition, after frying, both types of oil were enriched by small amounts of cholesterol (from the fish). The fat composition in the fish fillets also changed during the frying process and became enriched by the acyl groups present in higher concentrations in the frying oil than in the fillet. In addition, because oils were subjected to high temperatures during frying certain small scale oxidation may take place. Although it did not take place when frying with olive oil, secondary oxidation took place when frying with sunflower oil and some potential toxins were formed that could affect human health. These toxins did not form when fried in the microwave or with olive oil.

Buy Alprazolam 0.5 Mg Researchers concluded that the study showed the frying techniques, the type of oil used and the fish species exert a great influence on the changes that take place during the frying process. Thus, it is important to select the proper oil to prevent potential toxic compounds during the frying process.

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Can Balancing Gut Bacteria Delay Age-Related Diseases?

Thursday, September 17th, 2015

Logos 005 A new study published in the journal Cell-Report concluded that analyzing intestinal bacteria could be a promising way to predict health outcomes as we age and could help delay declines in health. These conclusions were based upon changes within intestinal microbes that precede and predict the death of fruit flies. They said “Age-onset decline in very tightly linked to changes within the community of gut microbes.” With age, the number of bacterial cells increase substantially and the composition of bacterial groups change.”

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Fruit flies were used in the study because they typically live eight weeks  and some live to the equivalent of humans’ 80’s and 90’s whereas others age and die much younger, Scientist have also identified all of the genes of the fruit flies and know how to switch them on and off. Analyzing more than 10,000 female fruit flies they were able to detect bacterial changes in their intestines before leaking begins that usually starts 5 or 6 days before they die. Some were given antibiotics to significantly reduce bacterial levels in the intestine and researchers found this prevented age-related increase in bacterial levels, and improved intestinal functioning during aging. They also found that reducing bacterial levels in old flies would significantly prolong their lives. They said ” When we prevented the changes in the intestinal microbebiota that were linmked to the flies’ imminent death by feeding them antibiotics, we dramatically extended their lives and improved their health.”  Flies with leaky intestines given antibiotics lived an average of 20 days after the leaking began and that was a substantial part of their lives. Those not receiving the antibiotics after leaking usually died within a week.  Researchers concluded that the study might lead the way for scientists to intervene in the aging process and delay the onset of Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, stroke, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other diseases of aging although this may take years. .

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The Future as Channeled by Roar Sheppard

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

My guest yesterday on the Holistic Health Show was Roar Sheppard who discusses his new book The Universe Speaks: The Love and Pain of 2012-2025. More information was presented earlier on this blog and can be found on Http://

Buy Valium Diazepam Online Listen to the Interview:

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Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song and Roy Nelson Guests on the Holistic Health Show

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

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Order Xanax Online Canada Yesterday Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song and Roy Nelson were interviewed by Dr Carl O Helvie, Host, on Faith, Healing, and Spirituality.

Buy Watson Carisoprodol 350 Mg Peace Mother Geeta is a Mayan Shaman and Enlightened Master and founder of the Sacred Peace Center. She has published 9 CDs and two books. More information was published earlier on this blog and can be found Roy Nelson overcome many hardships in life and turned to his faith to become a spiritual leader to many. More information is available on a earlier blog on this site and at
Listen to the interview below:

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