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Dr Ellen Kamhi and Cindy Holt (both R.N.’s ) Interviewed on Arthritis

Sunday, November 15th, 2009


Interviews by Dr Carl O. Helvie with Dr Ellen Kamhi and Cindy Holt on the Holistic Health Show yesterday on BBS Radio ( follow.
Dr Kamhi, (above left) an expert in and author on arthritis is known as the “Natural Nurse”. She is very active professionally and her biography was published in a previous blog. She talks about causes of arthritis including stress, the natural ways to deal with arthritis including maintaining an alkaline body, the advantages of natural treatments over chemicals, and other aspects of arthritis.

Cindy Holt is a registered nurse, and massage therapist, and has completed the course work for a doctorate in naturopathic medicine. She has arthritis of the spine that she controls primarily with natural methods. She will talk about the symptoms she has, how she deals with them, and how she uses this knowledge with others to help them with their pain. Cindy’s biography was published on this blog earlier.

*Sorry for today’s delayed posting but the noreaster over the past few days put everything behind schedule.

Cindy Holt, R.N. To be Interviewed on the Holistic Health Show on Saturday

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009


Dr Carl O Helvie will interview Cindy Holt as his second guest on the Holistic Health Show on Saturday. Cindy is a registered nurse with a baccalaureate in nursing, certification as a massage therapist from Mueller College in San Diego, and completed the course work for a doctorate in naturopathic medicine at Clayton College. She also finished programs in lymph drainage massage, and guided imagery. Her career in cardiac care nursing span 7 hospitals, a doctor’s office, home nursing and hospice care. She was the nurse manager of CCU at Pomona Valley Hospital for 16 years before finding massage therapy. She opened her own business in 1999 and worked for the Visiting Nurses Association in Claremont, California as a hospice massage nurse, and volunteered for various agencies in different capacities such as the American Red Cross. She has arthritis of the spine and never uses more than a rare Ibuprophen for it but keeps it under control with diet, enercise, yoga and supplements.