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Cognitive Therapy Useful in Chronic Pain

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010


Current research published in the journal Sleep Medicine concluded that cognitive therapy can significantly improve sleep for patients with chronic neck and back pain and relieve pain so they can perform more normal daily activities. This included patients who were on medications but did not want to take more for an sleep disturbances.

A nurse therapist delivered eight weeks of cognitive -behavioral therapy including sleep restrictions, stimulus control, sleep hygiene, and a discussion of catastropic thoughts about the consequence of insomnia. They talked about habits such as the use of caffeine or alcohol, and the use of the bed only for sleeping or sex. A user-friendly manual describing each step was developed that can be used to train other therapists.

Twenty- eight patients participated in the study. They kept sleep diaries, reported on pain and mood standardized tests, and were followed for 6 months after the in intervention. Further research is ongoing to determine the duration of the effects of treatment.