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Interviews with Dr Mark Moyad, Dr Thomas O’Bryan, Dr Carl O Helvie now Available for Listening.

Sunday, October 28th, 2012

Interviews with Dr Mark Moyad,  Dr Thomas O’Bryan,and  Dr Carl O Helvie  follow. Dr Moyad occupies an endowed position -at the University of Michigan, is internationally known for his work in cancer and immunology, has published 9 books and over 10 articles and traveled around the world lecturing to health care professionals and others. More of his extensive biography was presented earlier on this site.

Dr Thomas O’Bryan is an international recognized speaker and workshop leader specializing in gluten sensitivity and celiac disease.  More of his biography was presented earlier on this site.

Dr Carl O Helvie, a registered nurse with a doctorate in public health and 60 years experience, is author of 8 books, over 100 articles and international presentations, and host of the Holistic Health Show.

The interviews follow:

Dr Mark Moyad and Dr Craig Koniver to Be Guest on the Holistic Health Show

Sunday, October 7th, 2012

My first guest Dr Mark Moyad MD, MPH, (left) occupies an endowed position created and funded entirely by the patients he has helped over the past 15+ years.  He is the Jenkins/Pokempner Director of Complementary and Alternative Medicine at the University of Michigan Medical Center (Department of Urology).  Mark actually wrote and published his first medical research paper in college (College of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio) at the age of 22 on the effects of a compound (Gossypol) found in cottonseed oil and its potential impact on male sexual health and fertility.  He received his Masters in Public Health (M.P.H.) degree from the University of South Florida (Tampa, Florida) with a focus on epidemiology & dietary supplement research and outcomes (for example, working on the L-tryptophan dietary supplement contamination investigation), and he received his medical education and degree from the Wayne State University School of Medicine (Detroit, MI) over a 10-year period while he was also working in the area of lifestyle and supplements at the University of Michigan Medical Center (Department of Urology).  He is the primary author of over 130 published medical journal articles and is the former editor-in-chief of the medical journal “Seminars in Preventive & Alternative Medicine” by Elsevier.  He is or has been an editor and reviewer for multiple diverse medical journals in Urology, Oncology and Alternative Medicine.  His most recent accepted appointment was on the editorial board for the medical journal Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Mark has also maintained a consulting practice in Complementary and Alternative Medicine for the last 15+ years, and has lectured on breast, prostate and a variety of other cancers in addition to cardiovascular disease and general health promotion internationally in almost every country and in all 50 states and at every single major academic institution.  He has and continues to consult for and appears regularly in major magazines and television shows devoted to health in the U.S  For example, he is currently being featured regularly (providing diverse health advice) on the Huffington Post, Fox News in Chicago, appeared on the Dr Oz show in the fall of 2011 as an expert on male and female health, and he was briefly featured in the March 2012 issue of Fitness magazine.  He will be featured as the expert in diet and dietary supplements in multiple publications and books in 2013.  He has been asked to provide advice and expert opinion for multiple diverse organizations from corporations, government regulatory agencies, pharmaceutical and nutrition based companies.  In fact, Abbott Labs currently uses his materials to teach health care professionals and the public about diet and dietary supplements.

Mark was the former course director or co-director for the annual AUA (American Urological Society), ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology) and SUNA (Society of Urologic Nurses Association) class on Complementary and Alternative Medicine.  Currently, he is part of the faculty for annual men’s health course at the AUA meeting and conducted a 2-hour course on dietary supplements at the American Pharmacists Association (APhA) annual meeting in March 2012 in New Orleans, LA.  Mark is the co-author or author of 9 books including his most recent “Dr. Moyad’s No Bogus Science Health Advice: A step-by-step guide to what works & what is worthless”, “Beyond Hormonal Therapy”-a guide for advanced prostate cancer patients, and his just released  “Dr. Moyad’s Guide to Male Sexual Health” (Amazon and Spry Publishing, June 2012).  Mark also recently agreed to and is completing the guidebook on “Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Urology” (2012-2013 release from Springer Medical Publishing, New York).

Mark created the Promoting Wellness campaign, which involves teaching materials (Promoting Wellness Book-3rd Edition, Promoting Wellness Newsletter, Handouts…) that focus on lifestyle changes and objective dietary supplement advice, which is now utilized by clinicians and patients, primarily working in the area of men’s and women’s health from Australia to Europe to South Africa.  Mark has probably educated the largest number of health care professionals on the topic of complementary and alternative medicine/dietary supplements in the world while also arguably writing and publishing the largest number of medical articles on integrative medicine and in 2009 he was named as one of the most influential doctors in the U.S. by USA Today. Currently, he reviews diet and dietary supplement articles for health care professionals every month so that they can become better educated in this area and receive medical credit.  His current research involves lifestyle changes and the use (or non use) of dietary supplements to promote women’s and men’s health, reduce cancer treatment side effects, advocacy, & cancer vaccine/immunotherapy testing.  For the past 15 years, Dr. Moyad has also volunteered weekly for national and local patient advocacy groups and low-income/free clinics in need of help.  Currently he volunteers for multiple national patient advocacy groups (PAACT, PCRI, US TOO…) to provide monthly education, help patients in need of more information, better access to the latest medical care, and other resources.  He is also the annual co-moderator of arguably the largest men’s health/prostate cancer patient conference in the world, which is held every year in Los Angeles, CA (PCRI conference).  He also helped for years after Hurricane Katrina and worked with the Lower Ninth Ward Health Clinic in New Orleans to provide anything and everything from books for children in the waiting room, medical supplies and regular fundraising for the clinic itself.  Currently, he is helping to improve medical services in Haiti and assisting with bringing kids to the U.S. in need of more serious medical treatment.  Dr. Moyad is also one of the creators and now the co-chair of the EAPPCa (Early Access Program for Prostate Cancer) committee, whose primary purpose is to negotiate and facilitate the delivery of ground breaking successful phase 3 medications to individuals with the most advanced forms of cancer while these medicines are in the 6-12 month window waiting for FDA approval.  For example, the drug MDV-3100 was just approved in May of 2012 to be available for Early Access and the company announced their work and partnership with Dr Moyad and his committee on a global press release, which represents one of the first times that a volunteer patient advocacy groups was able to help provide a pathway for free groundbreaking medications to get in the hands of some of the most desperate cancer patients.

In 2013 Dr Moyad will become part of the Promoting Wellness foundation whose primary purpose is to improve access and the health and well being of indigent patients around the world.  Dr Moyad also loves water sports, movies, sushi, and his family, but of course not in that specific order.

Dr Craig Koniver, M.D.,  my second guest, started his medical career at Johns Hopkins but later transferred to Brown University. He says “Brown is pretty much the polar opposite to Johns Hopkins.  It is just as strong an academic institution being an Ivy League school, but has a much more flexible and open approach to learning.  Where Johns Hopkins was cold and dark, Brown was bright and colorful.”

While at Brown he continued to pursue his desire to go to medical school and made sure he completed all of my pre-med requirements along with Archaeology training.  He applied to Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, PA, was accepted and went in the fall of 1996.

After graduating from medical school in 2000, he and his wife completed their  internships in Virginia and  then went to Arizona where they spent a couple of years working and having their first child who had colic.  She was uncomfortable and they were not happy with that so  they  went to her Pediatrician on several occasions, asking, “Hey, what can we do to help her. She’s clearly uncomfortable. She’s not feeling good, What can we do?” And the response was always the same: “Oh, she’ll get over it in a few months, she’ll be fine. “So they started looking  outside the realm of the conventional medical to find their own solutions to help their daughter.”

And their natural approach for helping their daughter transcended then upon their approach to helping their patients. Once they stated thinking along this line., “ It’s hard to think any other way, because once you start thinking outside the box, it’s hard to get back in that box. There are numerous and endless solutions and ideas and ways for people to feel better without having to rely on medicines and surgery. This was an eye opening experience for us as both parents and physicians.”

After time in Arizona they moved to Charleston, South Carolina where he finished his residency in Family Medicine and opened his own medical practice–.  “I had jumped ship from the conventional medical world and needed a place I could let my desire for natural health and healing expand.”

Knowing that western medicine was failing many people with its approach of label, diagnose and prescribe medicine or surgery, Dr Koniver opened his own practice- Primary Plus Organic Medicine with a new focus– a focus on helping patients achieve optimal health and well-being, naturally. He was  interested in helping patients figure out the root cause of their problems and  not  in covering up their symptoms.

Commonly, he sees patients who complain of multiple problems including fatigue, abdominal pain, constipation, hot flashes, weight gain, you name it. And for every patient his approach is the same, look at all of these symptoms,  these processes from every angle.” So instead of just running a few blood tests and throwing my hands up and saying, “I don’t know, maybe you need an anti-depressant,” I’d much rather look and say: “How is your nutrition? How are your hormones acting? How is your immune system behaving? How is your detoxification system functioning? How is your vitamin system operating? How is your autonomic nervous system? How is your brain chemistry affecting how you feel, affecting what is your reality of life? “