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Can a Golden Caffeine Drink Fight Cancer?

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

logo1267406_mdResearchers reporting in the American Cancer Society journal Inorganic Chemistry  that combining a caffeine-based drink such as coffee or an energy drink with a small amount of gold could one day be used an an anticancer agent. Both substances have been identified as possible cancer treatments but taken in the amounts separately to do that would have negative effects on healthy cells . Thus, researchers put the two compounds together in different configurations to see if the new compounds could selectively stop cancer cell growth without hurting healthy ones. Seven new compounds named caffeine-based gold (1) N-heterocytic carbenes were developed and analyzed in the laboratory. Findings showed that one selectively killed ovarian cancer cells without harming healthy cells.  In addition, it targeted a type of DNA architecture called “G-quadruplex,” that is associated with cancer.