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Is Grape Seed Useful in Bowel Cancer?

Friday, February 21st, 2014

logo1267406_mdA new study published in PLOS ONE concluded that  grape seed extracts can increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy and reduce it’s side effects in bowel cancer. The authors said “This is the first study showing that grape seed can enhance the potency of one of the major chemotherapy drugs in its action against colon cancer cells.,” They further said “Our research also showed that in laboratory studies grape seed taken orally significantly reduced inflammation and tissue damage caused by chemotherapy in the small intestine, and had no harmful effects on non-cancerous cells. Unlike chemotherapy, grape seed appears to selectively act on cancer cells and leave healthy cells almost affected.” Researchers showed that grape seed extract had no side effects on healthy intestine at concentrations of up to 1000mg/kg and significantly decreased intestinal damage compared to the chemotherapy control,. They also showed that it decreased chemotherapy-induced inflammation by up to 55%, and increased growth-inhibiting effects of chemotherapy on colon cancer cells in culture by 26%,  Further research is planned.

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Is Grape Seed Extract Effective Against Cancer CElls?

Friday, December 13th, 2013


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Order Diazepam Overnight Delivery A new study published early online in the journal  Nutrition and Cancer  concluded that synthesized compounds of the most active components of grape seed extract, B2G2, induces cell death in prostate cancer cells while leaving healthy cells unharmed. Researchers said “We’ve shown similar anti-cancer activity in the past with grape seed extract (GSE), but now we know B2G2 is its most biological ly active ingredient which can be synthesized in quantities that will allow us to study the detailed death mechanism in cancer cells.”  The group of researchers have spent more than a decade demonstrating the anti-cancer activities of GSE in controlled. laboratory condition but until recently did not know which components of GSE created the effect. Eventually they pinpointed B2G2 as the most active component. However, it is expensive and takes a long time to isolate  from grapes and extract. Because of the time and expense the group decided to synthesize B2G2 in the lab and this process was successful. They were able to demonstrate its effectiveness as an anticancer agent. Further research is planned. Tags:, ,
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Is Grape Seed Effective for Aggressive Colorectal Cancer?

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

logo1267406_mdA recent research study published in the journal Cancer Letters concluded that the more advanced colorectal cancer cells are the more  great seed extract( GSE) inhibits their growth and survival and leaves healthy cells alone. Researchers said “We’ve known for quite a while that the bio active compounds in grape seed extract selectively target many types of cancer cells.  This study shows that many of the same mutations that allow colorectal cancer cells to metastasize and survive traditional therapies make them especially sensitive to treatment with GSE.

The study was done on colorectal cancer cell lines representing various stages of the disease. While it generally takes more chemotherapy to kill A Stage IV cancer cell than a stage II cancer cell, the reverse was found with grape seed extract. “It requires less than half the concentration of GSE to suppress cancer growth  and kill 50 percent stage IV cells than it did to achieve similar results in the stage II cells. ”  They said further “A colorectal cell can have upwards of 11,000 genetic mutations–differences from the DNA of healthy cells. Traditional chemo therapies may only target a specific mutation and as cancer progresses more mutations occur.  In contract, the many bio active compounds of GSE are able to target multiple mutations. The more mutations a cancer presents, the more effective GSE is in Targeting them.  The research is ongoing and more results will be available in the future.

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Can Grape Seed Extract Kill Cancer Cells?

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Order Diazepam India A new study published in the journal Carcinogenesis concluded that in both cell line and mouse model studies, grape seed extract killed head and neck squamous carcinoma cells without harming healthy cells. Although heard of less often than breast, prostate and lung cancer, this cancer will kill nearly 12,000 people this year in the United States and over half-a-million people worldwide. The researcher says “cancer cells are fast growing. Not only that =, but they are necessarily fast growing. When conditions exist in which they can’t grow they die.” Grape seed extract produces the condition that are unfavorable to their growth. The research showed that grape seed extract damages the DNA of cancer cells and also stops the pathways that allow repair. And at the same time there was no toxicity to the mice. The researcher said that cancer cells have a lot of defective pathways and are vulnerable if you target them. However, this is not true of healthy cells. The researchers plan further research using clinical trials.

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