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Can a Chinese Herb Help Kill Pancreatic Cancer Cells?

Friday, August 29th, 2014


A new study announced in an American Physiological Society Press Release concluded that a Chinese herbal extract, triptolide, used on pancreatic cancer cells decreased GRP78 protein in the cells. thereby reducing cancer cell survival and facilitating cancer death. It is believed that GRP78 protects cells from dying ,  is more abundant in cancer cells, and helps them survive and thrive. Triptolide, an extract of  Chinese herb Tirpterygium wilforif, suppresses GRP27 leading to pancreatic cancer cell death. Authors said “Our study shows that although increase expression of GRP78 confers survival advantages in the tumor cells, prolonged exposure to tripolide induces chronic ER stress, which eventually leads to cell death.  In this context, inhibition of GRP27 by activation of the ER stress pathway by triptolide offers a novel mechanism for inhiviting the growth and survival of pancreatic cancer cells.”