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Is a Hi-Fat High-Fructose Diet Worse for the Body than a High Fat Diet Alone?

Friday, July 4th, 2014


A new study published in Experimental Physiology concluded that a high-fructose, high fat diet can cause harmful effects to the livers of adult rats. Thus, the short term consumption of a Western diet that is rich in saturated fats and fructose, is more damaging to healthy livers that eating a high fat diet alone.  In the study using an  adult rat model resembling adult sedentary humans, ,rats were fed over a two week period  either a low-fat diet, a high fat diet or a diet rich in fat and fructose. The later diet is similar in composition to the diet consumed by the lkarge majority of the Western population. After the two week period, researchers evaluated liver function and found that the presence of fructose in the high-fat diet exacerbated the impairment of this important organ by increasing the build-up of fat in the liver, and decreasing liver insulin sensitivity. Researchers concluded “Much more research should be undertaken in the future, especially regarding the impact of the high-fat high-fructose diet on other metabolically important organs, in order to establish the real impact of this unhealthy dietary habit on health and well-being. “