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Low-Carb, Hi-Protein Diet May Reduce Cancer Risk and Tumor Growth

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011


A new study published in Cancer Research, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research, and based upon mice research concluded that eating a diet high in protein and low in carbohydrate may reduce the risk of cancer and slow the growth of tumors.

The researchers implanted various strains of mice with human tumor cells or with mouse tumor cells and assigned them to one of two diets. One diet that was typical of Western diets contained about 55% carbohydrates, 23% protein and 22% fat. The other diet was high in protein, contained 15% carbohydrate , 58% protein, and 26% fat.

Findings showed that tumors consistently grew slower in the Hi-Protein, Lo-Carb diet. In one group of mice genetically predisposed to breast cancer half were placed on the Western type diet and half on the other diet. Almost half of those on the Western type diet developed breast cancer within the first year whereas none of those on the other type diet did. In addition, only one of the mice on the Western type diet reached age 2 (normal life span) and 70% of them died from cancer. Conversely over half of those on the Hi Protein, Lo-Carb diet live to age two and only 30% developed cancer.
It is interesting that alternative physicians have utilized this information for years using an intervention that reduces carbohydrates as part of the insulin potentiation treatment. It is also interesting that 36 years ago when I was given 6 months to live when diagnosed with lung cancer and sought out an alternative physician , part of my alternative treatment was a diet that eliminated most carbohydrates and all simple sugars.