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Can You Reduce the Risk of Diabetes by Eating Fish? Find Out What the Latest Research Says. .

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

A new study published in Nutricion Hospitalaria journal carried out in a Spanish population concluded that eating lots of cured meats is associated with greater weight gain and a higher obesity rate, whereas the consumption of fish is linked to a lower glucose concentration and a smaller risk of developing diabetes. The study was conducted in the Vanemcian community of 945 people consisting of 340 men and 605 women between age 55 and 80 with a high cardiovascular risk. Understanding the correlation between the Mediterranean diet and its association with cardiovascular risk factors and the dietary patterns regarding meat and fish consumption were the goals of the study Researchers found that consuming red meat by the study population occurred on average of once a day and that is high compared to dietary recommendations. It is believed this pattern may be related to weight-loss diets that recommend eating grilled veal. Eating excessive amounts of red meat is associated with higher cardiovascular risk, higher blood pressure, diabetes and a moderate decrease in life expectancy mainly die to cancer and heart disease. On the other hand, eating fish has a health benefit for the heart.
Although this was a cross sectional study that not determine a causal effect, the researchers confirm that similar studies show that the consumption of fish is associated with a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes. There were gender differences in that men more frequently ate a high intake of red and cured meat whereas women ate more white meat, especially chicken, and turkey. However, there were no significant differences in intake of fish between the two groups but women did tend to score higher on healthy diets than men.