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Improved Diagnostic Test for Prostate Cancer.

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

Improved Diagnostic Test for Prostate Cancer

A new study reported in Science digest concluded that a new urine-based test for prostate cancer improves detection when compared to prostate serum antigen (PSA) levels. This test also improved detection of the more aggressive forms of prostate cancer. The new test is called Mi-Prostate Score (MiPS)  and combines the PSA with two prostate cancer markers-T2:ERG and PCA3 both of which can be detected through a urine test.  The test was indicated because about 50% of all men having biopsies will not have cancer.

In the study 1,977 men having the prostate biopsy because of elevated PSA levels were evaluated. Researchers used urine samples to conduct MiPS testing and compared with various combinations of PSA, PBA3, T2:ERG and other PSA-based calculations. The testing evaluated how well individual biomarkers and combinations predicted the likelihood of cancer and high-risk cancer.  Although there is no one cut-off score  for a positive result, they found that using one MiPS cutoff score to decide whether or not to biopsy patients would reduce the number of biopsies by one-third, while delaying the diagnosis of only about 1 percent of high-risk prostate cancers. More research is ongoing.