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Natural Ways to Deal with Back Pain

Sunday, May 16th, 2010


nitchell yass

On the Holistic Health Show yesterday Dr Carl O Helvie interviewed Frank Titus (left) and Mitchell Yass (right) on natural ways to treat back pain.
Frank has a B.S. degree in Exercise {Physiology and is founder of Health Through Motion and uses Titus Motion Therapy with high profile entertainment and sports individuals. More information was presented earlier on this blog or can be found at

Mitchell Yass is a physical therapist and is known as the “Miracle Man” on Long Island for his work with pain. His goal is to help others avoid surgery and drugs in the resolution of back pain. More information is available on an earlier blog and on

Both practitioners say they have achieved over a 90% success rate in resolving pain with natural methods.

Enjoy the interview below.

Suffering From Pain? Listen to Natural Ways to Eliminate It with Frank Titus and Mitchell Yass

Sunday, May 9th, 2010


nitchell yass

Dr Carl O. Helvie, Host, Holistic Health Show will interview Frank Titus and Mitchell Yass on Saturday at 12 noon PST.

Frank Titus is a leading exercise therapist and pain management expert for over 16 years. After graduating with a B.S. degree in Exercise Physiology from Indiana State University in 1992, Frank worked as an Assistant Director at the Egoscue Method Clinic in San Diego, where he recognized that motion and exercise therapy modalities had higher success rates and longer-term benefits than other pain treatments. He then abandoned plans to continue on in physical therapy or chiropractics, and instead, became actively involved in popularizing spine and body alignment as the most effective ways of eliminating pain.

Titus Motion Therapy (TMT) has seen a success rate of over 95% in treating such painful chronic conditions as herniated disc, sciatica, whiplash, carpal tunnel, migraines, fibromyalgia, TMJ, rotator cuff injuries, degenerative joint disease, tennis elbow, ACL injuries, and arthritis. TMT is an eight week program utilizing specific, yet simple, exercises and motions to restore posture, balance and flexibility. The results is elimination of pain. Frank founded the Health Through Motion in 1995 where he offers Titus Motion Therapy and has personally treated high profile clients in the entertainment and sports worlds including Olympians, and PGA, NFL, PBA, ATP, AVP and NBA athletes. He also hosts the #1 talk radio show “The Painkillers” on 97.1 FM and was the only non Medical Doctor to appear on The American Health Journal an award winning television series on PBS. More information is available at:

Mitchell Yass is a licensed physical therapist, author and founder of the Personalized Pain Resolution method. Already known as the “Miracle Worker” throughout Long Island, New York, he uses the Internet to solve America’s pain through downloadable videos offering exactly what one would experience during his in-person evaluations. Subjects of videos include Herniated Disc-Lumber (lower back), Herniated Disc-cervical (neck pain, and Sciatica.
Mitchell spent 15 years developing a method for identifying the cause of pain and for resolving it. His mission was to eliminate unnecessary surgeries, prevent prescription drug dependence and to allow his patients to resume a comfortable, active lifestyle. He has proven that in 90% to 95% of cases he has treated, the cause of pain is muscle weakness and imbalance and his pain diagnosis and treatment protocol eliminates his patient’s pain in just days or weeks. More information is available at