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Will Exercise Improve Muscle Repair in Older Adults?

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016

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New research published in The FASEB Journal¬†concluded that regular exercise is important for muscles to repair themselves more quickly after injury. Although muscle repair slows as we age this study shows that contrary to previous beliefs that muscles did not completely repair with age that after only eight weeks of exercise (Check This Out for exercise related queries), old mice experienced faster muscle repair and regained more muscle mass than those of the same age that had not exercised. Researchers said “Exercise per-conditioning may improve the muscle repair response in older adults to stimulate such an acute period of atrophy/inactivity and or damage.”

Researchers used three groups of mice: old mice that were exercise trained; old mice that were not exercises trained; and young mice that were not exercise trained. in the first group, old mice were trained three days/week for eight weeks and the effect of exercise in aging muscles was measured by comparing the three groups.¬† Changes in muscle repair with aging w2as measured by injecting snake venon that is commonly used to induce muscle injury in rodents, into the old and young non-exercise mice.¬† All three groups were compared prior to muscle injury, ten days after injury, and 28 days after injury, Researchers said “This is a clear demonstration that the physiological and metabolic benefits of exercise radiate to skeletal muscle satellite cells, the adult stem cells responsible for repair after injury, even in senescent animals.”