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Sandra Biskind discusses Codebreaker and How to Unlock the Best Version of You.

Sunday, August 11th, 2019

Xanax 1 Mg To Buy Online Uk Sandra Biskind is a global thought leader, international speaker, spiritual mentor and #1 bestselling author.

She has a unique gift to identify and eradicate the unconscious programs that undermine success—instantly amplifying her client’s ability to live freely and thrive.

Sandra and her husband Daniel created a multi-global award-winning retreat in New Zealand, named the World’s Best Luxury Coastal Hotel in 2010. Sandra Biskind offers a rare combination of business savvy, transformational leadership and soul enrichment. With her down-to-earth wisdom coupled with her multidimensional gifts, she creates profound sustainable shifts.

Sandra is committed to working with leaders who are passionate about attaining the next level of success and making a global impact.

Buy Soma Legally Online “Known for solving unsolvable problems”, Jack Canfield said, “She is a profound healer, trainer, speaker and author who does some incredible transformational work. I’ve experienced her work and found it truly life changing — so much so I had her work with my entire staff with magical results. She has an amazing ability to shift energy and remove unconscious blocks on very deep levels. Her unconditional love, joy and radiance fills the room. She is the real deal and I highly recommend her and her work.” — Jack Canfield. Using her unprecedented laser-like techniques, Sandra takes the brakes off your unconscious, freeing you to accelerate into the thrilling experience of a life without limits.

Buy Liquid Xanax Online Her latest book written with her husband Daniel is Codebreaker: Discover the Password to Unlock the Best Version of You. About the book they say: Did you know you have unseen codes in your DNA that are controlling your life? YES. The way you repel or attract relationships, the way you maintain or push away someone you love, how you feel about yourself, your motivation, your energy & zest for life and even the level of success you’ll allow yourself.

Cheap Valium Online Uk What if you could uncover these hidden codes that have been running your life and neutralize them once and for all?

Order Valium You CAN! Sandra and Daniel Biskind are International #1 Bestselling Authors, Speakers & Spiritual Teachers who for decades have been transforming the lives of Global award-winning business owners and spiritual leaders.

They are Jack Canfield’s energy shifters of choice and now YOU can experience the depth of their work that takes these codes locked in your DNA, trapped in programs within your neural pathways, and finally get yourself free – without having to pay thousands for one-on-one but instead, through experiencing their revolutionary book that shows you step by step what YOU can do to unlock the best version of YOU…right away.  There’s healing and high frequency energy even encoded within the book itself. Their legacy work, CODEBREAKER: Discover The Password To Unlock The Best Version Of You reveals a system that helps explain the mind, body and soul connection.  As you read through and absorb the PLATINUM password you will experience deep and meaningful shifts and feel like the book is speaking directly to you.

Get Cheap Xanax Online Get yours NOW so you too can become a high frequency codebreaker and breakthrough your unconscious mind that has been running your life – to being free to have what you want.

Finally call in the love of your life, or shift your relationship or feel happy and alive, on fire with purpose once and for all.  Now with CODEBREAKER, YOU decide. YOU create (not your hidden programs running the show). Here’s to living your ideal life NOW…. Law of Attraction masters and experts acknowledge that limiting beliefs routinely sabotage successful use of this universal law, continually frustrating the efforts of people to manifest their hearts’ desires.

Even after dozens of personal growth trainings and huge investments in coaching and therapy often unconscious beliefs persist in undermining people’s highest goals and aspirations.

These often show up as “unsolvable problems” — patterns that repeat and can’t seem to be broken.

Enjoy the interview below:  

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Joseph Carringer (Didgeridoo Music and Healing) to be Next Guest.

Sunday, July 26th, 2015 JCarringer Joseph Carringer is a professional didgeridoo musician and sound therapist. In his sound therapy practice he uses concert class didgeridoos, combining Traditional Chinese Medicine meridian and organ theory with Ayurvedic Chakra philosophies creating a unique and powerful therapeutic sound, music and healing experience. Joseph has been playing an Australian Aboriginal didgeridoo for over 15 years, using it as a deep meditative tool in his personal shamanic journey as well as a therapeutic instrument for music and healing for his clients. Joseph presents and performs both nationally and internationally on mind/body connection and the effects of didgeridoo sound therapy for the purposes of clearing energetic and emotional stagnation within the energetic body to wellness and healthy life style seekers, as well as to medical and holistic professionals.
After doing extensive research, Joseph opened his harmonic therapy practice to the New England Seacoast communities in January of 2004. Since the fall of 2005, Joseph has offered yearly classes for the Maine Medical CAM programs and the University of Southern Maine’s CAM programs, and presents at the University of New Hampshire and New England College. Joseph also volunteered music and healing at Maine Medical Center, Portland, ME on R-1 (cardiac) and Pediatric floor.
Joseph has been on the internationally known author and psychic medium, John Holland’s Hayhouse Radio show several times as well as opened musically for many of John’s events. He was also a guest speaker at John’s Chakra-Healing class at Kripalu Center for Yoga presenting his Didgeridoo Chakra Clearing Workshop.
Joseph began working with music and healing with the didgeridoo in 1997 with blues and jazz acts and later moved on to playing live breath percussion to electronic dance music with DJs. Currently he is performing and producing music with Josh Harris (major label remix producer and former music director/keyboardist for Seal) in a club/world fusion electronica group called Table Syndicate.
It is Joseph’s goal to help people realign their bodies’ natural rhythms on a cellular level through harmonic therapy. He believes that through this work, people can achieve a greater sense of natural health and open doors for a higher sense of creativity and consciousness. He feels a deep natural connection with the healing of our planet and ourselves and has a variety of CD’s for sale.
Joseph also spent nearly a decade in the hemp-based apparel industry as both a manufacturer and activist. Enjoy the Interview Below: Tags:, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Guests for the Next Show are Dr Carrol McLaughlin and TejPal (Manifesting Moment to Moment).

Sunday, September 21st, 2014 Carrol-McLaughlin166x178 Dr. Carrol McLaughlin is an award-winning professor, heading one of the largest and most respected harp departments in the world. She is a renowned concert harpist who performs internationally as a soloist and with orchestras. Carrol has given workshops and lectures in more than 30 countries, teaching performers to overcome fear and achieve at their highest potential. An expert in Neuro Linguistic Programming, a Kundalini yoga teacher, an author, and a composer, Carrol is also a gifted healer. She has recently conducted a study at the University of Arizona Medical Center, researching the power of harp music to heal patients in the intensive care unit following heart surgery. More information is available at  Tejpal

Buy Diazepam 2Mg Tablets Tejpal was the director of an international business consultant team in Paris, France, specializing in leadership development. She holds master’s degrees in both business management and psychology from France. Following her passion to inspire and uplift, Tejpal attended the Corporate Coach University and the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, and became a certified Kundalini yoga teacher. She is now a highly respected life coach, healer, intuitive, and inspirational teacher at the famed Miraval Resort in Tucson, Arizona. Tejpal leads workshops around the world on intuition, healing, soul mission and vibrant living, helping men and women design the life they truly desire.

Their book Manifest Moment to Moment: 8 Principles to Create the Life You Truly Desire was published by Hay House in June, 2014. Tags:, , , , , ,
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Will Trying to be Happier Work?

Friday, September 20th, 2013

logo1267406_mdA new study published in The Journal of Positive Psychology  concluded that becoming happier is as easy as trying to become happier. In their first study, the researchers had two groups listen to “happy music”. Those who actively tried to feel happier reported the highest level of positive mood afterwards. In their second study two groups listened to a range of “positive ” music over a two-week period and those who were instructed to focus on improving their happiness experienced a greater increase in happiness that the group who were told to just focus on the music. The researchers said the factor making one grou0p0 happier than the other seemed to be a combination of actively trying to become happier  and using the right method-listening to happy music. These finding challenge earlier studies that concluded that trying to become happier was counterproductive.

Dr Francisco Contreras and Dr Arlene Donar as Guests on the Holistic Health Show.

Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

Sunday, April 4th, 2010


a donar, ND

Yesterday I had a repeat of the show from April 4, 2010 because my computer and equipment are still being repaired.  The show with Dr Eslinger that was previously planned will be on the show next time.  The repeated show includes interviews with  Dr Francisco Contreras and Dr Arlene Donar. Dr Contreras is the Medical Director, President, and CEO of the Oasis of Hope Hospital where they have treated over 100,000 cancer patients using a natural holistic approach. More information is available on an earlier post on this site and at:

Dr Arlene Donar, a Naturopathic Physician, is in private practice working with clients with chronic conditions and lecturing locally in the New York and Connecticut areas on prevention and treatment of diseases using biological medicine and clinical nutrition. More information is available on an earlier blog here and at

Enjoy the interview below.


Interviews on Adapting to Life Situations with Carl David, Ron Esposito, and Leslie Reichert Now Available

Sunday, May 13th, 2012

Guests interviewed by Dr Carl O Helvie, host, Holistic Health Show included Carl E. David, Ron Esposito, and Leslie Reichert. Carl is the third decendant of a four-generation art dealer family, a published author, musician, photographer and healer. More information is available on an earlier blog on this site and on

Ron has spent his life in broadcasting and music and learned the singing bowls later in life. He won a telly award for the video on hjis second CD on the signing bowls  “Open Heart” and on the day of our interview his music was played as background on the Hawaii Five O t.v. series. More information is available on an earlier blog here and on

Leslie Reichert is known as the green cleaning coach is author of The Joy of Green Cleaning and has appeared on the Martha Stewart Living radio.  More information was presented earlier on this site and can be found at:

Enjoy the interview below:

Adapting to Suicide, Job Loss, and A Greener Environment

Sunday, May 6th, 2012

My guests on Saturday are Carl David, left, Ron Esposito, center, and Leslie Reichert.

Carl David who was born in Philadelphia,  is the third descendant of a four-generation art dealer family specializing in American and European seventeenth, eighteenth, nineteenth- and twentieth-century paintings, watercolors, sculptures and drawings.
Carl earned a Bachelor of Arts with a degree in business in 1970 from Oglethorpe College in Atlanta, Georgia. Bader Field is his second published book. He is also the author of Collecting and Care of Fine Art published by Crown Publishers (1981). His article “Martha Walter” appeared in the May 1978 issue of American Art Review. Carl is constantly being queried by the various art journals and financial magazines for his perspective on the state of the art markets. In light of the fact that the gallery has been in business since 1910, it is considered to be a standard in the industry and is given the utmost of respect for its integrity, knowledge and pursuit of excellence. A recent article, “The Lure Of Flying” was published in Avantoure Magazine, England, March /April 2009 ( Carl has more books in the works.  He was recently acknowledged as a resident editor of
Carl was a charter member of Sotheby’ (New York), and is a member of the Art and Antique Dealers League, and La Confederation Internationale De Negotiants En Oeuvres D’Art. He has served as judge for The Manayunk Art Show, co-chairman of the gallery committee member of Rittenhouse Row, guest auctioneer for WHYY, and panel member for The Art News World Art Market (New York). Carl has been involved with The Friends of Rittenhouse Square, The Free Appraisal Clinic, The Philadelphia Art Museum, The Dealer’s Committee for US Artists, and Rittenhouse Row.
Using his knowledge of the fine arts, Carl has taught “Collecting Fine Art” at Main Line School Night, and served as a guest lecturer at the Philadelphia Library, the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and the U.S. Artists Exhibition (2004–2006). As a philanthropist, David has used art as a backdrop to organize and produce fundraising exhibitions for the Washington, D.C. branch of the National Center For Missing & Exploited Children, the Delaware Valley Burn Foundation, The American Red Cross and The Make a Wish Foundation.
Carl has given appraisals and consultations for: the Brandywine River Museum, American Bar Association, The White House, Office of the Attorney General, State of New York, FBI, State Department, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Union League Club of Philadelphia, Buck Hill Falls Art Association, Law Firm of Ronald A. White, Law Firm of Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, the DuPont Family, the Wilmington Library, The Hagley Museum, Strassburger, McKenna, Gutnick & Potter (Pittsburgh), Wilkes College (Sordoni Art Gallery) Wilkes Barre, PA, University of Virginia, Cigna, and Sun Oil Company.
Along with his expert interest and career as an art dealer, Carl has serious involvement in both music and photography. He does all of the gallery photography work and has several photographic images hosted on and His specialties are atmospheric, landscape and travel always with emphasis on the beauty of nature. In years past various formats were employed, including 8 x 10, 645 (medium format), and 35 mm but today the primary modality is high resolution digital.
Having played piano at a very young age and then teaching himself to play guitar years later, Carl was part of two rock groups during his late teens. After a lengthy hiatus of several decades he has returned to his passion for music. With a mega-keyboard in his studio at home, with headphones donned, he has written nearly a dozen ballads. His first (“My Love For You”) written for his wife, was professionally mastered, arranged, and produced by the legendary Dave Appell of Decca Records and Cameo-Parkway Records. His latest song, “Loving You” harks back to the eighties soft rock mode. Several others pieces have been completed and are currently awaiting arrangement and production. When asked “What next”? he replies, “I have no idea; it just comes out when it is ready. I really have no control over it. Creativity cannot be forced; it has a mind of its own. My music speaks to me and has a vivid voice in its non-vocal instrumentation.
For many years, Carl David has had a serious interest in and has been a proponent of all aspects of healing. Of particular interest is “hands on” healing and energy work. Animals are of special love to Carl and are drawn to him as he is to them. He has worked on several over the years. It is as though he is connected to them by an invisible thread. He has woven spirituality and energy work into his daily life. As a firm believer in “paying it forward,” he knows that karmic debts must be paid, and is very cognizant of keeping a clear conscious and doing the right thing. What goes around comes around, inevitably. Life has thrown him some nasty turns, but instead of being bitter and resentful, he has tried to learn from each experience and shift his focus toward something positive.
His latest book, “Bader Field” was recently published by Nightengale Press and is now available at & & & & & & &  It is now also available for immediate download on the iPad, iPhone and iPod in the Apple iBookstore as well as on the Kindle, Nook, Kobo and in about 60 other digital markets.

Ron Esposito has an  extensive background in the music industry and public radio and is first and foremost a musician with nearly forty years experience playing, producing and recording.  After thirteen years, four CDs, numerous awards and thousands of miles touring with Greg Schaber & High Street, Ron’s lifelong interest in spirituality, metaphysics, philosophy and personal transformation led him down a new musical path – composing, arranging and performing the ancient Tibetan Brass and Crystal Singing Bowls.  “Open Heart” (Spiral Music 2009), his debut solo project, received critical praise, was added to the nationally syndicated radio program Echoes’ playlist and received a national Telly Award for its video.  His second solo CD, “We Are One” (Spiral Music, August 2011), takes the listener on an expansive listening adventure that’s contemplative, thoughtful and profoundly multifaceted.                     Ron’s career in the music industry began at Ohio University, where he opened Haffa’s Records and also headed up the university concert series. Upon graduation, he moved to Boston to co-manage the city’s premier jazz club, The Jazz Workshop.  Then it was on to New York City to work as CTI Records road manager touring with Airto, Deodato and the CTI Jazz All-Stars.                                            He earned his Masters in Broadcast Management and in 1986, moved to Cincinnati, where he became Special Projects Producer for WVXU, 91.7 FM (NPR) and the X-Star Network of seven NPR affiliate stations in four states.  In addition to producing and hosting three music programs, Ron produced three compilation CDs featuring Cincinnati-based jazz musicians.  He also served as producer for the nationally syndicated Riders in the Sky’s “Riders Radio Theater” show and the Windham Hill “Winter Solstice Concerts.”                             Ron’s debut recording project playing both the Tibetan and Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, “Lifting the Veil” (2008), is a collection of Enneagram meditations spoken by Ron and Deborah Ooten and featuring Billy Larkin on keyboard, Ric Hordinski on guitar, and Ron playing Kalimba and various percussion.                                    For his debut solo CD, “Open Heart” (Spiral Music 2009), Ron assembled a group of renowned musical artists from genres that span both ancient and modern cultures.  The result – an inspired sound experience praised by critics as “elegant” and “joyful” – is now into its second pressing.  “Open Heart” was added to the “Echoes” playlist, the groundbreaking syndicated music program hosted by John Diliberto and distributed by Public Radio International. The “Open Heart” video received the 2010 Bronze Telly Award for “Best Online Video” out of a field of more than 13,000 entries.                         Esposito’s second solo CD, “We Are One” (Spiral Music 2011), features “Open Heart” musicians Jim Feist (tabla) and Janice T. Sunflower (Native American flutes).  They join John Ruzsa on Indian bansuri flutes and alto flute, Chris Comer on Fender Rhodes electric piano, and Eugene Goss playing percussion, alto flute and vocals.  “With the recording of “We Are One”, I wanted to explore an expanded harmonic and color palette.  Playing with the Fender Rhodes electric piano and using the technique of striking the bowls for melody and rhythm helped to achieve this.  I also had many requests for “solo bowls” on my next recording and so they are featured in some solo contexts.”  Ron resides in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he also serves clients as a certified Life Coach and Enneagram teacher and trainer at the Conscious Living Center in Cincinnati.  He performs in concert, at yoga and meditation centers, and for private events throughout the region.

Leslie Reichert, “The Cleaning Coach”, is a nationally-recognized green homekeeping expert dedicated to educating people on keeping their homes, schools and work areas “green”. From obvious dangers like toxic chemicals under the sink to hidden hazards that can be found in the office, Leslie helps teach simple steps to keeping families and pets safe from hidden toxins and health risks.Leslie writes for a number of websites like “The Daily Green” and is also featured as the green expert for in Boston.                 Leslie is the founder and president of The Green-Clean University, offering programs and products for green lifestyle management.Clients such as National Grid, Mass Maritime Academy and Mass Audobon Society  have used her material to help remove toxins in the home and the work place.          Leslie has appeared on Better TV, Martha Stewart Living Radio and ABC News. She is also the author of the book “The Joy of Green Cleaning” which is available internationally at or in the North East at Whole Foods. You can see more about her book and get a free recipe at  Just enter your email!

Dr Mark Davis, Jackie Keller, and Marina Kamen talk about Weight Loss and Nutrition.

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

Guest of Dr Carl O Helvie, Host, Holistic Health Show, on Saturday were Dr  Mark Davis, Jackie Keller, and Marina Kamen.

Mark Davis, M. D. is President of a research firm called Healthnets Review Services and author of the Millenium Diet: The Practical Guide to Rapid Weight Loss and of Demons of Democracy. More information was presented earlier on this blog or can be found at:

Jackie Keller is Founding Director and Executive Chef of Los Angeles’ premier health food company, Nutrifit and author of Body After Baby: The 30 Day Plan to Lose Your Baby Weight. Jackie works with numerous clients including Angelina Jolie, Reese Witherspoon, Uma Thurman, Charlize Therman,  Penelopie Cruz, Susan Sarandon, Will Farrell, Channing Tatum and others. More information was presented earlier on this blog or can be found at:

Marina Kamen has lost 100 pounds and is the winner of the Peoples Choice Award for her catalog of over 1,200 Musical Fitness audio and video Workout Programs, 400 Original songs and 50 albums online for download available at: Marina is also a certified fitness trainer, casting director, choreographer, billboard charting writer/producer, violinist, and vocalist. She has worked with celebrities such as Faye Dunaway, Madeline Kahn, Lauren Hutton, Liza Barbara Felton, Liza Minnelli, James Earl Jones, Patti LaBelle and Carnie Wilson. More information was presented earlier on this site or can be found at the above website.

Can Music Reduce the Anxiety of a Prostate Biopsy?

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Recent research published in the journal Urology concluded that noise-cancelling headphones playing classical music may reduce the anxiety and pain of a prostate biopsy that is often used to diagnose prostate cancer.
Eighty eight men were randomly assigned in the study to one of three groups. One group had no headphones, a second had noise-cancelling headphones without music, and the third had the headphones and listened to Bach concertos. Blood pressure was taken on all before and after a trans-rectal biopsy, an intrusive procedure. Among study participants, the diastolic blood pressure remained elevated after the procedure compared to before for both groups with no musical intervention. However, the men who wore the headphones and listened to Bach had no increase in blood pressure and reported less pain as measured on a questionnaire. Anxiety often causes a rise in diastolic blood pressure. This procedure is simple and easy to apply for those needing a prostate biopsy.

Get Prepared for the Ascension of 2012

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

Yesterday, Dr Carl O Helvie interviewed Alan Olivier and Dorothy Donahue on the Ascension of 2012.

Alan is from the Netherlands and asked that his biography or picture not be included so that nothing took away from the Ascension Guide that is pictured. The guide is free at but I encourage you to donate to help pay for the website, if you can, so that this important guide remain available to all who want it.

Dorothy Donahue is an energetic alchemist and is frequently heard on radio and is cofounder of Energetic Alchemy. More information is available at: