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Muscle-Building Interventions Extend Life of Mice with Cancer in New Study

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Buying Diazepam In Mexico logo1267406_md In a new study reported in Cell, the researchers concluded that by reversing muscle wasting (cachexia) in mice with cancer they can extend their life even as the tumor continues to grow. Nearly 30% of cancer deaths have been attributed to cachexia. Knowing that activin is secreted by tumors and another protein, myostatin, when deficient or blocked grows bigger muscles, they decided to treat mice with cancer that were exhibiting cachexia with a kind of molecular decoy that potentially prohibits both activin and myostatin thereby reversing muscle loss and extending the life of the mice by several weeks. They said “in tumor-bearing mice with profound cachexia, blocking this pathway not only prevents muscle wasting but completely reverses the loss of muscle, strength and anorexia.” Results show that by combating cachexia it may be possible to extend life of those with cancer but clinical trials and further research is needed. Tags:, , , , Posted in Cancer, research | Comments Closed

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