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Is Tai Chi Effective for Knee Osteoarthritis Pain, Function and Other Symptoms.

Friday, November 13th, 2015


Logos 005A new study presented recently at the American College of Rheumatology Annual Meeting in San Francisco concluded that both Tai Chi and Physical Therapy positively im,pact pain, function, and other symptoms of knee osteoarthritis–making Tai Chi a viable alternative for people suffering with this disease.   Joints under high stress due to repeated activities or weight bearing are most suceptible to osteoarthritis such as the hips, knees, hands, and spine.  Osteoparthritis becomes more common with aging and causes long term pain especially in the knees. Physical therapy has been a popular treatment for the condition. Although studies have shown that Tai Chi was effective for osteoarthritis, this was the first to compare it with physical therapy. Researchers said “Based on our previous investigation, we directly compared the effectiveness of the two therapies eacvh known to have health benefits  for knee OA.”

In the study 204 subjects with symptomatic and radiologic knee osteoarthritis (OA) were randomly placed in 2 groups. The first group of 106 subjects completed 12 weeks of classical Yang style  Tai chi twice a week. The second group of 98 completed physical therapy twice a week for six weeks and then were monitored as they followed six weeks of at home physical therapy exercises. Subjects were an average of 60 years of age, who had suffered from knee osterarthritis 8 years, had a BMI of 33, and were predominately white women Researchers looked for changes in pain and function using the Western Ontario and McMaster University Arthritis Index (WOMAC), depression, quality of life, and pain medication usage. Researchers also asked patients to assess their own pain and function and to complete   two-meter and six minute walking tests.

subjects in both groups had similar characteristics and test results in the beginning . At week 12  the WOMAC scores had improved by 167 points for the Tai Chi group and 143 points for the physical therapy group. In addition, there was no significant difference in pain improvement,. However, when subjects completed a 36 question survey researechers noted significant improvements in the results of the Tai Chi group at the 1`2 week mark. In addition, the Tai Chi group noted improvement in depression. Both groups reduced pain medication over time but their reaction to that reduction did not differ at 12 weeks but did differ at 24 weeks with NSAIDs and 52 weeks with analgesics. Researchers concluded Tai Chi should be considered a therapy option and they should work with a seasoned instructor in order to get proper instructions.

Natural Ways to Deal with Back Pain Discussed on the Holistic Health Show

Sunday, June 13th, 2010


Sig Miller 3


Yesterday, Dr Carl O Helvie, Host of the Holistic Health Show interviewed Dr Elizabeth Lombardo (left) , Dr Sigmund Mille (center), and Gary Sandman (right) on natural ways to deal with back pain. Elizabeth has a masters in physical therapy and a doctorate in psychology and combines these areas in practice. She has been interviewed for T.V., radio and magazines. More information was presented earlier on this site or can be found at:

Sigmund is a chiropractor who has practiced in Florida and
California. He is now the executive director of the Association of New Jersey Chiropractors. More information was presented earlier on this blog or can be found at

Gary Sandman has suffered back problems as a result of 3 automobile accidents and now is the CEO Founder, Individualized Health Solutions, llc/Signature Supplements. More information appeared earlier on this site or can be found at

The Interview Follows. Enjoy.

Yoga, Physical Therapy, Graston Technique and Therapies Used by a Sufferer for Back Pain Relief

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

Richard Vincent DC



Guests of Dr Carl O Helvie, Host, on the Holistic Health Show yesterday were Dr Richard Vincent (left), Ms Ginger Garner in a yoga pose (right), and Mrs Lynda Cookson (below).

Dr Vincent, a chiropractor, is President of the Integrated health Care Practice Resource Group, a management group, and introduced the Graston Technique, a form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization to the chiropractic profession in 2001. More information is available on a previous blog here or at

Ms Garner is a physical therapist and founder of Professional Yoga Therapy Studies and developer of the Professional Yoga Therapy and Elementary Renewal Method of Rehabilitation. More information is available on an earlier blog here or

Mrs Cookson is from the West of Ireland and was forced to change her career as owner of a clinic to artist and writer when she developed severe back pain. She is a well established artist and has sold painting around the world. More information is available on an earlier bloig here or at

The interview with these guests follow. I hope you enjoy and learn from it.

Graston Technique, Physical Therapy/Yoga and an Artist from Ireland with Chronic Back Pain

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

Richard Vincent DC



Guests of Dr Carl O Helvie on the Holistic Health Show on Saturday will be Dr Richard Vincent (top left), Ms Ginger Garner (top right), and Mrs Lynda Cookson (below).

Dr Vincent is a graduate of the Chiropractic Institute of New York and is currently the President of Integrated Health Care Practice Resources and past president of the Practice Resource Group, a management organization. He is also past president of the Society of Chiropractic Management Consultants and also served as the president and CEO of Spine Management Care Network and as clinical director of Chiropractic Services for Triad Health Care, Inc.
Dr Vincent introduced the Graston Technique, a form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization to the Chiropractic profession in 2001. He has integrated the technique at the college and University level for chiropractors and directs a cadre of instructors who teach the technique in seminars throughout the world. He currently serves as GT clinical advisor.
In his profession he has served as president of the Massachusetts Chiropractic Society, chairman of the Massachusetts Board of Chiropractic Examination and Registration, president of the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards and president of the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners.
He has also been active in the community serving as chairman of the board of trustees of the North Shore Community College, and on the board of directors of the Beverly Saving Bank. He has been a member and vice-chairman of the Governor’s Committee on Mental Retardation for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and is currently a member of the citizens advisory board, Department of Mental Retardation in Hyannis, Massachusetts.
In 2005 Dr Vincent was awarded the George Arvidson award for excellence in chiropractic regulation and public protection by the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Board. In 2006 he was awarded an honorary doctorate of law degree from National University of Health Sciences.
He has published articles dealing with practice management and the ethical delivery of chiropractic care. More information is available at:

Ms Ginger Garner who holds a masters degree in physical therapy and has advanced studies in yoga and yoga therapy and certification in pilates, ayurveda, and studies in spinal manual therapy, music and sound therapy and women’s health is founder of Professional Yoga Therapy Studies and developer of the Professional Yoga Therapy and Elementary Renewal Methods of Rehabilitation.
She has written and teaches continuing education courses across the United States on treating lumbopelvic/sacroiliac joint pain, is founder and executive director of a school that exclusively certifies licensed health care professionals to practice alternative rehabilitation methods in yoga therapy, and has had tremendous success treating patients with these methods. She has a DVD available and more information is available at:

Lynda Cookson from the west of Ireland ran her own clinic for 5 years prior to being forced to change careers in 1992 to that of an artist and writer because of severe back pain. Lynda is a certified reflexologist, a namikoshi shiatsu therapist, an aromatherapist, and studied iridology, ayurvedic healing and acupuncture. Since changing her career she has become an accomplished artist and writer having sold works in the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Namibia, the United States, Canada, France, Spain, Dominican Republic and Malaysia. Her paintings are part of permanent collections, have been auctioned, and collected throughout Ireland. Her most recent publication is a book titled Tea�n Turps published in 2009 that takes a humorous look at the lives of 12 well-established artists living and working in Ireland. More information is available at:

Study finds Spinal Adjustment Most Effective Intervention for Chronic Low Back Pain

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010


A recent study published in Clinical Rehabilitation compared three treatment interventions with patients having non-specific low back pain. Four hundred forty three patients who reported having non-specific low back pain often or always over a 6 month period were evaluated for the study. Baseline data on pain related disability, pain-related use of medications, and demographic information was collected. Those who had any of the following were excluded: complicating factors such as neurological signs or symptoms, rheumatoid arthritis and other conditions, previous fractures, psychiatric disease, cognitive impairment, or pain-related litigation. The experimental group comprised 210 patients who met all of the eligibility requirements.

Patients were randomly assigned to one of three groups with 70 in each. The groups were: back school, individual physical therapy, and spinal manipulation. The back school group were given 15 hours of group education and exercises for one hour a day on 5 days a week spread over 3 weeks. Classes included training in back physiology and pathology, ergonomics and group exercises.

The physical therapy group received 15 hours of passive and active mobilization, active exercise, massage/treatment of soft tissue and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation. The emphasis was on education and active treatment by a physical therapist with the same amount of education and experience as the back school therapists.

The spinal manipulation group attended four to six weekly sessions of 20 minutes each for a total of 80 to 120 minutes of treatment. Treatment was aimed at restoring movement in the vertebral segments by direct and indirect mobilization and manipulation by chiropractors with at least 9 to 12 years of practice.

Two hundred five patients completed the study including 68 in the back school group, 68 in physical therapy, and 69 in spinal manipulation. All three groups reported a significantly lower rate of pain-related disability, subjective experience of pain, and low-back pain related use of medications at the end of the treatment period and after 12 months. Results were most striking for those assigned to the spinal manipulation group. Spinal manipulation provided more functional improvement than the other interventions at the end of the study program and at follow-up one year later as measured by lower scores on the Roland Morris Disability Scale. Their average score was 1.6 compared with 5.9 for the back school group and 5.3 for the physical therapy group. There was also less need for medications among this group than the others as measured by a 49% reduction in the need for pain medications in this group compared to a 23% drop in the back school group, and a 14% drop in the physical therapy group.

Avoid Knee Replacement and Harsh Treatments for Arthritis

Sunday, January 24th, 2010


Last night Dr Carl O Helvie, Host, Holistic Health Show interviewed Dr Ross Hauser (left) and Dr Thom Lobe (right).

Dr Hauser talked about prolotherapy a medical procedure of injecting natural substances into a site such as the knee to regenerate cartilage. He has been performing this procedure sucessfully for 12 years and studied with the physician who invented the procedure., He has also written books on the procedure. More of his biography was presented on this site earlier and can be found at

My second guest was Dr Thom Lobe who is the founder and medical director of Beneveda Medical Group in Beverly Hills, California. He has been first many times such as successful separation of siamese twins, establishment of first pediatric surgery training program in the south, first textbook on pediatric surgery, first medical journal devoted to advanced surgical treatments in children and others. He is also a long time host and moderator of a medical talk show on GHS television in Germantown, Tennessee called “Whats Up Doc?”. Others aspects of his biography were identified earlier on this site and can be found at Dr Lobe talks about natural ways to deal with arthritis.

The interview follows. I hope you enjoy it.

Holistic Health Show Last Night Started Arthritis Series with Dr Nathan Wei, Arthritis Expert, and Two Arthritis Sufferers, Kelly Rouba and Kirsten Mahoney

Sunday, October 11th, 2009

My first guest last night on the Holistic Health Show hosted by Dr Carl O Helvie was Dr Nathan Wei, CEO of the Arthritis and Osteoporesis Center of Maryland who has helped more than 7,000 patients with arthritis. He is author of more than 60 peer-reviewed literatures, 500 published articles, has produced 12 videotaped presentations, presented over 120 lectures worldwide, and taught advanced courses in rheumatology. More information is available on an earlier blog or at:

My second guest, Kelly Rouba, is an author, writer, emergency management professional, and spokesperson for the Arthritis National Research Foundation who was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis at age 2. More information is available on an earlier blog here or at:

My last guest was Kirsten Mahoney who is a certified Life Balance Coach and founder of Insight Out Life Coaching who has arthritis and talks about her treatment. More information is available on an earlier blog or at:

This interview follows. You can also listen to it on itunes, podcast alley, or podcast pickle.