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Can Music Reduce the Anxiety of a Prostate Biopsy?

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Recent research published in the journal Urology concluded that noise-cancelling headphones playing classical music may reduce the anxiety and pain of a prostate biopsy that is often used to diagnose prostate cancer.
Eighty eight men were randomly assigned in the study to one of three groups. One group had no headphones, a second had noise-cancelling headphones without music, and the third had the headphones and listened to Bach concertos. Blood pressure was taken on all before and after a trans-rectal biopsy, an intrusive procedure. Among study participants, the diastolic blood pressure remained elevated after the procedure compared to before for both groups with no musical intervention. However, the men who wore the headphones and listened to Bach had no increase in blood pressure and reported less pain as measured on a questionnaire. Anxiety often causes a rise in diastolic blood pressure. This procedure is simple and easy to apply for those needing a prostate biopsy.