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Fish Oil and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010


Research published in Nature on October 28 and carried out by Queen Mary, University of London, and Harvard Medical School researchers showed precisely why fish oil helps conditions like rheumatoid arthritis. The research described how the body converts an ingredient found in fish oil (DHA*) into another chemical called Resolvin D2 and how this chemical reduces inflammation, a common condition in arthritis. Resolvin D2 seems to have additional value because in addition to its anti-inflammatory properties it does not suppress the immune system. This research is important because it explains how fish oil can help in different kinds of arthritis. The researchers plan to work further to see if this chemical can be used to prevent arthritis and be used for other diseases that are associated with inflammation.
*DHA (docosahexsenoic acid) is an omega 3 fatty acid. fish oil is a rich source of this.