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Can Having Breast Cancer Increase Your Risk of Another Cancer?

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

logo1267406_mdAccording to a study published in the journal Gynecologic Oncology women diagnosed with invasive breast cancer are 39% more likely to develop a second cancer in a different part of the body. They further say that the increased risk may be due to the similar risk factors involved in both cancers, or to the side effects of the treatment received by breast cancer patients.

In the study, researchers studied 5.897 cases of invasive breast cancer diagnosed between 1985 and 2007 in women in Granada. Three hundred fourteen of these women developed a second primary cancer. The researchers also studied 22.814 additional cases of cancer affecting all parts of the body except the breast and all were diagnosed in the same time period and as part of the same study population. Of these women, 171 developed a second cancer that was in the breast.

Results showed that women under age 50 who had previously suffered from breast cancer were almost twice as likely to develop a second cancer than the general population (the risk was 96% greater). In women over the age of 50, a second cancer was 29% more likely. The risk of developing a second ovarian cancer was found to be almost five times higher among young women diagnosed with breast cancer than among the general population. In addition, both age groups were found to be at greater risk of developing non-melanoma skin cancer. They also found that the risk of developing a second cancer in the first five years following a diagnosis of breast cancer was high, and almost 3.5 times higher than that faced by other women. However, the risk of developing a second cancer five years or more after the first diagnosis was not significantly higher than for those without previous cancers.