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ElectroMagnetic Frequency (EMF)/Sunscreen Hazards with Dr Elizabeth Plourde

Sunday, October 21st, 2018

Dr. Elizabeth Plourde is a licensed Clinical Laboratory Scientist (C.L.S.) with degrees in both Biological Science and Psychology.  Her training in the fields of both medicine and psychology is augmented by invaluable experience gained while working with cutting-edge medical laboratories specializing in the cancer and DNA research.

She is using her expertise to focus on the hazards of Electromagnetic Frequencies  (EMF) and sunscreens and how they are impacting our people and their environment.  Her information brings to light what has been clearly proven in studies for decades regarding the harm sunscreen chemicals and EMF cause.

She has appeared on ABC’s 20/20, Berman & Berman: For Women Only on the Health Channel, Good Morning America, George Noory’s Coast to Coast AM, The Gary Null Show, and numerous television network news and radio programs. Dr. Plourde has conducted health lectures in 34 states and internationally and has presented a 5 Lecture Series in Irvine, CA,

She has also written several books including Sunscreen-Biohazards: Treat as Hazardous Waste, EMF Freedom-Solutions for the 21st Century Pollution, you’re your Guide to Hysterectomy-Ovary Removal and Hormone Therapy  What All Woman Need to Know.  More information at:    and   

Enjoy the Interview Below:


Does Sunscreen Fully Protect You Against Melanoma?

Friday, July 25th, 2014


A new study published in Nature concluded that sunscreens do not protect totally against the development of skin cancer. Using geneticalluy modified mice suceptible to melanoma the researchers disproved that ultraviolet light causes mutations in the DNA of melenocytes in a gene called p53. P53 is one of the genes considered a guardian  of the genome that is  key in detecting and repairing damage accumulatjng in cells from ul;traviolet light  and is a major barrier for the body against cancer. They found that sunscreen protects against immediate radiation damage including sunburn, but the radiation can penetrate and damage the DNA cells and as a result cause cancer.

Can Your Sunscreen Increase Your Risk of Skin Cancer?

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

A study published on the Missouri University of Science and Technology website and to be published in Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology concluded that sunscreen may not be as safe against skin cancer as previously believed. Building on previous published research the researchers concluded that when exposed to sunlight, zinc oxide, a common ingredient in sunscreens undergoes a chemical reaction releasing unstable molecules (free radicals). These seek to bond with other free radicals and in the process can damage cells or the DNA within the cells which, in turn, increases the risk of skin cancer. There is a direct relationship between the length of time the zinc is exposed to sunlight and the potential for cell damage.

The researcher studied the reaction of human lung cells immersed in a solution containing nano-particles of zinc oxide to exposure of different types of light over different time frames. A control of human lung cells was included that was not immersed in zinc oxide. Comparing the groups the researcher found the zinc oxide exposed cells deteriorated quicker than those not immersed in the chemical compound. He also found that when the cells exposed to zinc oxide were exposed to ultra-violet rays for 3 hours, half of the cells died, and aft3er 12 hours 90% had died. Because his research is in the early stages, the researcher cautions people from drawing conclusions about the safety of sunscreens until more research is completed. He says “I still advise people to wear susnsreen. Sunscreen is better than no protection at all..”