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Interviews with Bill Gottlieb, Andrea Beaman, and Ellie Peterson on Nutrition, Weight Loss and Meditation Now Available for Listening.

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

Bill Gottlieb, Andrea Beaman and Ellie Peterson were interviewed by Dr Carl O Helvie on the Holistic Health Show yesterday.

Bill Gottlieb worked for Rodale, Inc for 20 years in a variety of positions, has written 10 health books that have sold over 2 million copies, written hundreds of articles, and had extensive media experience.  More information was presented earlier on this blog or can be found at:

Andrea Beaman is a natural food chef, author and television host who has been a contestant on Bravo’s hit reality show, Top Chef, is a regular featured food and health expert on CBS news,  has been on several of the major  shows such as Barbara Walters, the View, and Whole Living with Martha Stewart radio, and written for many magazines such as Women’s Health Magazine, Whole Living, Forbes Traveler and others. More information was presented earlier on this blog and can be found at

Ellie Peterson is creator of an innovative technique that combines affirmations with meditation and yoga, and is author of Meditative Yoga ebook and Power of Positive Aerobics DVD. More information is available at:

Enjoy the Interviews Below:

Bill Gottlieb, Leader in the Popular Health Field, and Andrea Beaman, Natural Food Chef, Author and Television Host Are Upcoming Guests.

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

Guests of Dr Carl O Helvie, host, the Holistic Health Show on Saturday will be Bill Gottlieb, Andrea Beaman, and Ellie Peterson.

Bill Gottlieb has spent his lifetime learning about and writing about health—and helping millions of Americans achieve their health goals.  For 20 years (1976-1995), Bill worked at America’s leading health and wellness publisher, Rodale, Inc. He started as an associate editor of Prevention Magazine in 1976, and became a senior editor of Prevention in 1978 and assistant managing editor in 1980. In 1982, he was promoted to managing editor of Prevention Magazine Health Books, and in 1984 to executive editor. In 1986, he became editor-in-chief of Rodale Books, including Prevention Magazine Health Books. From 1986 to 1995, Bill was the editorial executive who helped lead Rodale Books from $100 million to $250 million in yearly sales, managing an editorial staff of 125 people, and supervising the publication of 75 books a year, including the mega-selling The Doctors Book of Home Remedies (16 million copies sold).

A longtime spiritual practitioner, Bill decided to leave Rodale in 1995 to become the volunteer publishing director of The Dawn Horse Press, the publication division of his spiritual community, Adidam.

In 1997, he returned to for-profit publishing. Since then, he has:

  • Written 10 health books that have sold more than 2 million copies, including the bestselling Alternative Cures.
  • Written hundreds of articles for many national publications, including Prevention, Reader’s Digest, Bottom Line Personal and Bottom Line Health, Self, Men’s Health and Natural Solutions.
  • Worked as an editorial and marketing consultant for many companies, including Time-Warner, Hearst and Boardroom Inc.
  • Formed the book packaging and editorial consulting company, Good For You Books, which packaged the award-winning Healing Spices (Sterling, 2011).
  • Trained as a Holistic Health Coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Bill also has extensive media experience. He was the spokesperson in a commercial for The Doctors Book of Home Remedies that was broadcast 50,000 times and generated sales of 2 million copies. He has appeared on national television and radio—including Good Morning America, CNN, NPR—and dozens of local TV and radio shows. He recently was the featured spokesperson in an infomercial for his book Speed Healing (Bottom Line Books), which was broadcast in cities nationwide. Bill lives in northern California.  More information is available at:

My second guest, Andrea Beaman is a Natural Foods Chef, author, and television host dedicated to alternative healing and green, sustainable living.  Andrea was a featured contestant on Bravo’s hit reality TV show, Top Chef (season 1).  She is a regularly featured food and health expert on CBS News, and has appeared on Barbara Walters, The View, Emeril Live and Whole Living on Martha Stewart Radio.  She is the host of the Award Nominated Fed UP! A cooking show that educates guests and viewers how to cook for, and cure, bodily ailments.  She maintains, her personal website that offers recipes, video blogs, food tips, holistic health coaching, books, DVD’s, and other health-related information.

Andrea teaches fun cooking classes and health seminars to a wide base of clients and students at The Institute For Integrative Nutrition, the Natural Gourmet Cooking School, The James Beard House, The Open Center, and other schools around the country, to over 2000 students annually.

Andrea is the author of The Whole Truth – How I Naturally Reclaimed My Health, and You Can Too! and The Eating and Recipe Guide – Better Food, Better Health, and Health is Wealth – Make a Delicious Investment in You!

She is featured in the Top Chef Cookbook, Escape From Corporate America, Integrative Nutrition Case Histories and Louise Hay’s Modern-Day Miracles.  She has contributed articles to Women’s Health Magazine, Whole Living, Forbes Traveler, Dish Du Jour, Physician Assistant Magazine, Quick & Simple, Delicious Magazine, Nick Jr. Magazine, Delicious Living, and others. More information is available at: