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Varenicline, a Smoking Cessation Medication, Linked to a High Risk of Cardiovascular Event

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011


A new study reported in the July 4 issue of the Canadian Medical Association Journal concluded that “among tobacco users varenicline use was associated with a significant increased risk of serious adverse cardiovascular events greater than 72 percent.” Researchers evaluated 14 double-bind, randomized, controlled studies that included 4,908 subjects using varenicline and 3,308 controls taking a placebo. Most subjects were men under the age of 45. No study followed subjects more than a year, and all except one excluded people with heart disease. In the group, 52 of the 4,908 subjects (1.06%) had an adverse event compared to 27 of 3,308 (0.82%) of the controls. The number of people who died in each group was the same at 7. The authors concluded that clinicians should balance the adverse effect of this smoking cessation medication against known benefits before using it.